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Sookie Stackhouse as played by Anna Paquin in HBO's True Blood
If you've been following telepathic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse's life since her arrival on the supernatural scene in 2001, sound off on the notable differences between Charlaine Harris' books and the new HBO TV series. How does Alan Ball make Sookie's story his own? What works and what doesn't?

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Sookie Stackhouse
True Blood Southern Vampire Mysteries
Portrayed by Anna Paquin, Sookie, first appearing in S1 E1 entitled "Strange Love", can be described as 25 years old, with blond hair, brown eyes, and a slender frame. We first see Sookie working as a normal barmaid at Merlotte's, but it is soon revealed that she has the unique ability to hear other people's thoughts, whether she wants to or not. Coping the best way she can, she eventually gives herself a minute to block them out.

She has an older brother named Jason. Sookie's parents, Corbett & Michelle Stackhouse, passed away during a flash flood when she was 7 yrs old and when Jason was 10. She has lived with her grandmother, Adele, every since their death. It is discovered in S3 E7 entitled "Hitting the Ground" that Sookie has no blood type.

She encounters her first vampire customer, Bill Compton, in which she embraces with great interest and excitement. She exclaims that she she'd been waiting for such an encounter since they "came out of the coffin" two years prior. A bit flirty, Sookie takes Bill's order of red wine ignoring Mack's remark about her being "crazy as a bedbug". At the bar she gushes about Bill to Tara and Sam, who think she's insane for not fearing a vampire.

As the Rattrays continue cozying up to Bill at Merlotte's, Sookie listens in on their thoughts, only to realize that the couple plans on draining Bill's blood for sale on the black market. Sookie urges to Tara that they have to help Bill in which she refuses. Sam, in on the conversation, assures her that a vampire can take care of himself. When she notices the Rattrays have left with Bill, she runs to the parking lot, grabbing a heavy chain to use as a weapon. Sure enough, Mack & Denise have snared Bill using fine silver chains. Sookie sneaks up on them and smacks Mack in the head with the chain. When he turns on her with a knife, Sookie lounges an attack with the chain, which as if by magic, wraps itself around Mack's neck. Sookie picks up Mack's dropped knife and focuses on Denise, who collects her wounded husband and leaves, promising "This aint over." Sookie rushes to Bill's side and after freeing him from the chains, is shocked to watch his burns disappear before her eyes. Since he thanks her so gruffly, Sookie attempts to probe Bill's thoughts but discovers she cannot "hear" him in which she finds to be exhilarating. Bill asks Sookie "What are you?" since she doesn't seem to be frightened to be alone with a vampire in which she replies that she is a waitress, He asks her to keep his weakness to silver a secret, and she agrees before abruptly returns to work.

Sookie goes home to tell Gran about her meeting Bill, leaving the fight in the parking lot part out.

The next day Jason comes by the house to reprimand Sookie for fighting with the Rattrays. She shoots back that they were going to kill Bill and though Jason doesn't understand why she'd want to help a vampire she is able to shift the blame on Mack by saying he came after her with a knife. Over lunch, Gran answers a phone call and hears that Maudette was found strangled in her apartment. Jason seems angry and frightened by the news which catches Sookie's attention. She attempts to read his thoughts, but agitated he shrugs her off and leaves.

As Sookie puts on her makeup before work, Gran asks her whether she thinks Bill was around during the Civil War. Her historical group, the Descendants of the Glorious Dead, would certainly love to hear a first-person account of the war. Sookie, amused, promises to ask. She gets to Merlotte's just in time to hear all her co-workers discussing Jason's arrest.

In S1 E4 entitled "Escape From Dragon House", Sookie's investigation out in the bar isn't going anywhere, so when Bill shows up, she asks him to take her to a vampire bar called Fangtasia. after work so she can find some answers.
Across the room, sitting on a throne, a Nordic vampire named Eric takes notice of Bill and his guest and invites - more like commands - them to join him. Eric and his associate, Pam, take a brief look at the photos and tell Sookie that they've seen the women - and Eric has "tasted" Dawn. Sookie tries to thank them and leave, but Eric tells her he's not finished with her yet. But just as he starts to "catch up" with Bill, an image appears in Sookie's mind: A female vampire is feeding on a man in the bathroom, while an undercover police officer across the room waits anxiously for a raiding team to arrive. Sookie warns the vampires of the danger, and no sooner can Pam and Eric start to question her than the police barge through the door. "Follow me," Eric tells them, and with Sookie in tow, the vampires fly out through a secret door. Outside, before they part ways, Eric tells Sookie that it was a pleasure meeting her and that she will come again. It's not a request.

Upon entering the backdoor into the kitchen, Sookie promptly slips on something slick under her bare feet. When she turned on the light, she notices that it is blood and then gazes on the body of her grandmother lying on the floor.

After Gran's death, Tara and Lafayette attend to a numbed-out Sookie in her room after Sookie loses it in the kitchen, yelling at Maxine Fortenberry.
Sam, Lafayette and Tara are extremely loyal friends of Sookie and will protect her at all costs. Sookie is also good friends with Arlene, Terry, Amy and Dawn.

The night of Gran's funeral, Sookie decides to act on her attraction to Bill and takes off running through the woods toward his house wearing an old-fashioned white nightgown.

Sookie seems a bit fragile when confronted with the serial killer and relies on help to be saved. Though she does end up saving herself by killing the serial killer.
Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Sookie is a medium blond and has hazy blue-grey eyes. Wears a size 8, sometimes size 10 which suggests that she's on the curvy side. She states " legs are strong and my bosom is substantial, and I have a waspy waistline". She's quiet, keeps to herself, and doesn't get out much. She is a barmaid at Merlotte's and a telepath. She has worked at Merlotte's for the past two years. Her favorite past time is sun bathing. Dracula Night: Sookie is around 5'6".

She is a barmaid at Merlotte's and a telepath. She’d worked there for two years. She refers to her unique ability as a disability, but the bar patrons just thinks she's crazy. Either way, the result is she almost never has a date. Touching accelerates Sookie's disability making it imperative that she "hear" the person touching. People couldn't admit to themselves that she had a gift so they had to think she was crazy.

Sookie has an older brother named Jason. Sookie's parents died in a flash flood when she was 7 yrs old and when Jason was 10. She has lived with her grandmother, Adele, every since their death. O positive blood type.

Sookie and Jason both make salaries, but they also have a little income from a fund established when an oil well was sunk on their parents' property. It played out in a few years but their parents and then Gran made sure the money was invested. That money saved them both a lot of struggle. Gran's income was not much more than social security. That was one reason why Sookie hasn't
gotten her own apartment.

She encounters her first vampire customer, Bill Compton, in which she embraces with great interest and excitement.

Sookie never listens to Sam’s thoughts. He’s her boss. She’s had to quit jobs before because she found things she didn’t want to know about her boss.

Busy at work, Sookie loses track of Bill and when she next had a moment to check on him she notices Mack was looking at Bill with an expression that was so avid that she became worried. Moving closer to the table she listened to their thoughts and discovers the Ratts had been in jail for vampire draining. Goated by the look Mack gave her, as if she was negligible, she knew she had to act. Once outside, Sookie creeps in the direction of the end of the parking lot and soon she heard a groan and a faint sound of whispers. She leapt from behind the pickup thwacking Mack across the back. He turns on her with a knife and from swinging it around, the chain on its recoil wrapped around his skinny neck like a lover, forcing Mack to drop his knife to claw at the chains. Sookie swoops down and picks up the knife, holding it like she knows how to use it. Denise had been lounging forward, but stopped in her tracks when she sees Sookie has Mack’s knife. She cursed and railed and said terrible things. Sookie waited until she’d run down before telling her to “Get out now”. Denise stared holes of hate in Sookie’s head. She tried to scoop of the vials of blood but Sookie hissed at her to leave them alone. Denise then pulls Mack to his feet, kinda dragging him along to their car and shoved him in through the passenger side. Yanking some keys from her pocket, Denise threw herself into the driver’s seat. Realizing that they now have another weapon, faster than she’s ever moved Sookie ran to the vampire’s head and panted “Push with your feet”. She grabbed him under the arms and yanked back with all her might and he caught and braced his feet and shoved. They were just inside the treeline when the red car came roaring down at them. After giving herself a moment to catch her breath, Sookie looked over at the vampire and notices wisps of smoke coming up from his wrists where the silver touched them. She begins to unwind the thin bands of silver which all seem to be a part of one long chain. Sookie apologizes for not getting there sooner and asks him if he wants her to leave. He tells her no explaining that the drainers might come back and her he is not yet able to fight them. He thanks her stiffly—Sookie’s interpretation of a typical guy not thrilled about being rescued by a woman. Since he was being so ungracious, she felt she could do something rude too, so she “listened” to him. She surprisingly hears nothing.

Sookie’s room is right across the hall from Gran’s. When she first used the room after her parents had died, Gran had moved her bedroom furniture from their house so she would feel more homey.

Since their fight, the Ratts hadn't been back in Merlotte's, but Rene & Hoyt made sure Sookie knew they threatened her with horrible things. She wasn't seriously alarmed. They never made a positive mark on the world or amounted to hill of beans to her way of thinking.

Before going in to work Sookie decides to stop by Four Tracks Corner to get a glimpse at the damage that Bill caused and was shocked by what she saw. Shortly after her arrival, Mike Spencer and Bud Dearborn show up and begin to question her about her altercation with the Rattrays. They let her go on after she explains their quarrel was because she was saving Bill from being drained by them.

During her walk with Bill on the night he visits with her and Gran at their house, Sookie and Bill discover that she cannot be glamoured and that she can see Bill's skin glow. Sookie offers to call electricians for Bill the next day so he can have repairs done to the old Compton house.

Sam calls Sookie on her day off to work for Dawn from 5-9pm since she didn't make it in to work.
Sookie explains to Sam how it is hard for her to keep her guard up from listening to other's thoughts. He invites her to listen in on his thoughts which she finds to be unique.

After work, she heads over to Bill's house with his list of contacts. Upon knocking on the door, she encounters female vampire, Diane.

Sookie never looked at Sam as a bed-able person, at least not bed-able by her. She keeps her hormones tamped down because sex for her is a complete disaster. She would be able to "hear" everything her partner is thinking and during sex there is no way to keep a mental guard up. Besides, she likes Sam for a boss and she likes her job.

Per Sam's request, Sookie goes to check on Dawn and remind her she is to be at work. Soon she is able to see through the slats of the blinds that she was on her back dead. Upon discovering Dawn's condition, she yells for Rene, who is awkwardly standing by his truck across the street, to call the police & Sam.

Sookie asks Bill if he could take her to the vampire bar.

As Eric continues to stare at her, Sookie begins to feel "power tweaks" kind of flow over her and had an uneasy feeling Eric was trying to influence her. Bill informs her that Eric is breaking the rules by attempting to glamorize her after Bill declared Sookie was his. Sookie begins to peruse the minds of the vampire bar patrons only to discover that one of the tourists is an cop in disguise who just went to the bathroom and he knows that there’s a vampire in there sucking on the neck of a fangbanger. He’s already called the police on his little radio. The couple immediately make their exit.

After making their escape, Bill pulls the car over and the two have a little make out session until they are interrupted by the police. Sookie advises Bill to not let them know he’s a vampire. Bill remains silent due to his fangs still being out. The cop informs them that there was a raid at a vampire bar a few blocks back and asks if the two had come there by any chance. Sookie tells him no and he then asks if he could shine his flashlight on their necks to check for bites. Sookie agrees and after checking he lets the couple go.

After her evening with Sam, Sookie notices Gran’s light is on but the rest of the house was dark. After entering the house she begins to unbutton her blouse in preparation for bed. Sookie senses something is wrong. Gran doesn't respond to Sookie who calls out and starts searching the house for her whereabouts and also for the source of coppery odor. When she reaches the kitchen, she finds Gran dead and the source of the sharp & salty odor — Gran's blood.

Bill plucks a screaming Sookie from the sight of her Gran's lifeless body. He advises her to call the police and explains that Gran gave him a ride home and insisted on coming with her to unload the car. He didn't see who killed her because he went home across the cemetery to change. She notices he's dressed in a "Grateful Dead" t-shirt and blue jeans. The t-shirt causes Sookie to break out into laughter momentarily through her pain. She then calls 911. Andy Bellefleur was there in 5 minutes.

As stipulated in her will Gran left her house, the 20 acres that surrounded it and the mineral rights to Sookie. Gran's money what there was was divided fairly among her and Jason. In order to retain full rights to Gran's house Sookie had to give up her half of them home their parents lived in.

Sookie stayed home for three days after the funeral. During that time, she cleaned out Gran's room with Arlene's help. Gran was smaller & thinner than Sookie and their taste was very different so Sookie wanted nothing of hers except the jewelry. Sookie's car is newer than Gran's but it's smaller.

Bill arrives at Sookie's few nights after the funeral.
She meets him at the door in a night shirt after having a shower. She invites him in and he offers to comb out Sookie's wet hair. Sookie notes that she is no longer responding to Bill's action in terms of comfort, but as something sexual. She straddles him, and soon he picks her up and carries her to Gran's former bedroom. Bill is Sookie's first lover.

Sookie back at work felt a little uncomfortable despite Bill's healing powers, but also felt powerful and incredibly smug.
Seems to be better able to keep her guard up possibly due to the relaxtion.

One night after the couple had gone out for a movie and then dinner for Sookie, the couple head back to Bill's newly remodeled home. They begin to talk about their lives as children.
Upon Bill’s questions, Sookie explains to him that she had a “funny uncle”, an adult male relative who molests the children in the family. It started when she was real little maybe 5 years old. He never “screwed” her but he did other stuff. The worst part about it was every time he came to visit, she always knew what he was going to do because she could read his mind and there wasn’t anything she could do about it. It happened before her parents died. Sookie told her mother but she thought Sookie was dirty minded or that she’d found some book at the library that taught her something she didn’t feel Sookie was ready to know.

Upon hearing of Uncle Bartlett’s death, Sookie felt a surge of freedom. He was the only one who remembered besides her. The only one who’d enjoyed it, who insisted til the end that she had initiated and continued the sick activities he thought was so gratifying. She hoped he was in hell. Sookie inquires as to what happened to him. Not interested in his funeral or his will, the siblings end their conversation and go their separate ways. It wasn’t until she got to work that she realized Bill had him killed.
Later that night, Bill meets up with Sookie and she decides they need take a break due to Bill having Uncle Bartlett killed. The couple confess that they love each other but Sookie needs a little time to decide if the their love is worth the misery. Sookie asks him not to feed on anyone in Bon Temps she would have to see and he asks not to bed or date anyone else. They agree he can still come into the bar and Sookie isn’t telling anyone there apart.

Sookie received $20,000 from Uncle Bartlett's will. She almost turned it down, but instead Sookie decided to give it to the local mental health center ear marking it for the treatment of children who were victims of molestation & rape. At work, Sookie notices Rene talking to Mike Spencer and they hushed once she got near. Naturally that caught her attention so she listened in Mike’s thoughts only to find out a group of local men were thinking of burning out the Monroe vampires.

A few days later, Bill comes in with a fellow vampiric friend, Harlon Ives, who is in transit from Minnesota to New Orleans. Harlon intends on visiting with Malcolm later. After Bill and Harlon left, Sookie notices the bar buzzed even harder with the kind of talk she’d heard from Rene & Mike. To her, it seemed like someone had been lighting fire, keeping the anger level stoked up but she couldn’t discover who it was.

Jason calls Sookie early the next day after daylight and tells her that they burned down the vampires’ house after sunrise and that he hopes hers wasn’t in it. This instantly shocks Sookie into worry that Bill might have been there due to him taking Harlon there to see Malcolm. She immediately heads over to see for herself. The remains of four coffins sat side by side and there was a body bag too. There was no way to tell if Bill was in fact one of the vampires who’d been killed because the corpses were disintegrating bit by bit. Sam showed up to be there for Sookie. When one of the firemen on the scene made a joke about southern fried vampires, Sookie kicked him. Sam pulled her off him and dragged Sookie to her car, shoved her into the passenger seat, and drove her home. To keep her mind off things, he decided they should clean. They cleaned all day. When it began to become dark, Sam took his leave. Sookie eventually makes her way outside when it’s full dark although it was still raining and makes her way through the woods. Initially she was on her way to Bill’s house but for some reason she knew he was in the woods. Once in the graveyard, she yells for Bill to come out. After some time, she began to feel the ground buckle and a white hand shot out. Bill climbed out of the ground. Bill is angered by the news, but Sookie attempts to direct his energy in another way and the two have primitive-like sex in the woods. The couple eventually head toward Bill’s house and get in his spa.

Once back together, Sookie & Bill settled into an uneasy routine. If she worked nights she’d go over to Bill’s house when she finished and she usually spent the rest of the night there. If she worked days, Bill would come to her house after sunset and they watch TV or go to the movies or play Scrabble. She had to have every 3rd night off or Bill had to refrain from biting those nights otherwise she began to feel weak and draggy. She kept chugging vitamins and iron until Bill complained about the flavor, then she cut back on the iron. As the staff began to leave one night, Arlene asked Sookie if she could babysit the next evening. It would be an off day for both of them and she wanted to go to Shreveport with Rene to see a movie and go out to eat. Sookie agrees but Arlene has her concerns about Bill being around which angers Sookie.

The next day after drinking from Bill in preparation for her meeting with Eric, Sookie felt super. She felt very strong, very alert, very quick witted, and oddly enough very pretty. Her hair seemed to be three shades lighter and upon seeing her Bill notices she did change. Once at Fangtasia, Eric requests that Sookie “listen” to Bruce. Someone had embezzled about $60,000 from them and rather put all their human employees to death or torture, they thought perhaps that Sookie look into their minds and tell them who it was. Sookie makes a deal with Eric that if he truly turns the guilty party over to the police, then she’ll agree to do this for him again whenever he wants. Although she knows she’d probably have to anyway, she offers her willingness to do it. All of sudden she was in Eric’s mind. He was thinking he could make her do what he wanted anywhere, anytime just by threatening Bill or some human she loved. But he wanted to mainstream. To keep a legal as he could. To keep his relations with humans above board. He didn’t want to kill anyone if he didn’t have to.

Through listening to the thoughts of Ginger and Belinda, Sookie is able to find out that Longshadow is who stole the $60,000 from the bar. At the same time of his discovery, he leaps onto Sookie in attempt to kill her. He bit her forearm, but was staked by Eric in Eric's office. With the threat of blood lust now in the air, Bill and Sookie hastly leave.After Sookie’s first infusion of Bill’s blood on the night the Ratts had beaten her, she felt healed, healthy, stronger but not markedly different. Maybe more sexier. After second draft of Bill’s blood, she felt really strong and she’d been braver because she had more confidence. She felt more secure in her sexuality and its power. It seemed apparent that she was handling her disability with more aplom and capability. After the accidental ingestion of Longshadow’s blood, her teeth were whiter and sharper. Her hair looked lighter and livelier and her eyes were brighter. The savage bite on her arm was not completely healed but it was well on its way. Also noticed she had increased strength.
Since she had been listening in all day and discovered nothing, Sookie decided to go back to Merlotte’s that evening to try some other people. Jason was there as well and he thanked Sookie for her efforts. Eventually Bill comes in with a human girl he has gripped at the arm which immediately angers Sookie. Bill explains that the human is what Eric dropped off at his doorstep as a reward. Bill plans on sending her back but Jason offers to give her a ride. Sookie and Bill depart for her folks’ pond so they can talk. Bill introduces Sookie to Bubba, who once was Elvis before he was turned. Something went wrong when he “came over” from human to vampire, perhaps it was all the chemicals in his blood. Now he’s as smart as a tree trunk and to earn a living he does odd jobs for other vampires. Bill informs Sookie that he has to go out of town for a while and he’ll tell her the reason why when he gets back. He tells her that Bubba is going to watch her while he is gone. At dark he’ll just find a place from which he can see the house and he’ll watch all night. Sookie, although reluctant, appreciates Bill’s concern. He tells her he’ll be in New Orleans staying at The Blood and the Quarter.

Sookie begins to slightly suspect Sam due to the fact that he also knew both Dawn and Maudette and also he didn’t like Sookie dating a vampire so perhaps he didn’t like anyone dating a vampire. At home alone, Sookie calls Jason but he wasn’t home and then tries to contact him at Merlotte’s but Terry answered telling her he hadn’t been in. She gets a call from “Terry” later telling her that Jason’s there now and wants to buy her a drink. Once at Merlotte’s, Sookie asks Terry where’s Jason in which he replies that he isn’t there, he hadn’t seen him that evening , and that he told her that on the phone. She tells him he’d called her after that but he assures her he didn’t. Sookie leaves but notices the dog she’d seen on the way in still at the back door. He was a collie. Sookie decides to take the dog home to keep her company and decides to call him Dean. The next morning Sookie wakes up in shock due to the collie putting his arm around her. She discovers a naked Sam laying in her bed and freaks out. She questions where’s Dean and in response he barks. Sam explains to her that he was worried about her when Arlene told him she’d be alone. Upon her questioning he explains that he is a shapeshifter and felt it was time Sookie knew. He assures her that him being there was not about him taking her away from Bill, but keeping her alive. Sookie gives Sam some leftover clothes of Jason’s to put on.

Sookie hears a truck pulling up in the front yard. Sam opts to change back into a dog up the new comers arrival. It was Andy. Sookie notices he appears to had been up all night and offers to make him some coffee. Andy explains that he’d just come from another crime scene and upon scanning his mind Sookie finds out Amy Burley had been murdered. He tells Sookie that Amy’s murder was like the others except her puncture marks were fresher. Andy was practically nodding over his coffee cup so Sookie offers and allows him to go lie down in the guest bedroom and sets an alarm for him before leaving to run her errand. Sookie then urges Sam to get dressed. She gets a little upset at him due to her attraction toward him and the fact that although she sees him daily he waited until Bill was interested to make his move. At this point Sookie and Sam had known each other for four years or more.
Upon taking Sam home, Sookie notices Jason’s car at Merlotte’s. On closer inspection, she sees Jason in the truck slumped over, unconscience, with a videotape on the dashboard. Out of fear, Sookie urges Sam to call the ambulance. He initially questions her decision but once Arlene showed up he goes to into his trailer to make the call. Sookie rode with Jason to the small local hospital. The doctor explained to Sookie that Jason was apparently sleeping off the affects of alcohol or drugs but Jason had never drunk that much before and Jason didn’t use drugs. Their cousin Hadley’s descent into the life of the streets had made a profound impression on both of them. Sookie went home to find that Andy had been roused by his pager and had left her a note telling her that and nothing else. Later on she found out that he’d actually been in the hospital while she was there and waited until she was gone, out of consideration for her, to handcuff Jason to the bed.Sam came to give Sookie the news on Jason. He tells her that they are going to arrest him once he comes to. They think it looks like Amy Burley put up a fight and Jason got drunk after he killed her.

Sookie calls down to the Blood and the Quarter to leave a message for Bill explaining her brother had been arrested and to come home once his business is concluded. Bill did not return Sookie call that night. Just as she was about to go to sleep, she heard a shriek outside and then Bubba’s voice. Upon checking on him, Bubba tells her that someone was sneaking around the house. He heard him minutes before he got there and thought he’d catch a hold of him but he cut through the woods to the road and had a truck parked there. He didn’t get a good enough look to describe the person. Sookie is grateful for he’s presence anyway. After meeting with Jason after he made bail, Sookie sat in Merlotte’s all day looking at the men that came in, reading their minds. At lunch time, Hoyt and Rene walked in the door and walked back out when they saw her sitting. Sookie assumed it was too embarrassing for them. Finally Sam made her leave. He said she was so creepy that she was driving away any customers who might give her useful information. LDID: Upon seeing Andy too drunk to drive home, Sookie calls Portia to come pick him up. Bill asks Sookie if she could switch shifts at Melotte's with one of her co-workers because he needed her to accompany him to Sherveport in which Sam does not object. The next day when she arrives at work Sookie notices Andy's Buick's rear passenger door was slightly open. Attempting to prevent his battery from running down, she gets out of her car to shut his door. The door doesn't close so easily so

CD: The next day after hearing the news about Bill, Sookie does exactly what Bill requested of her in hiding his assignment for the queen.

DTTW: Shifter thoughts aren't easy to read. They're kinda snarly & red though every now and then you can catch a good glimpse of emotion. On her way home, Sookie sees Eric running along the road toward her house barefoot and shirtless. He didn't recognize her nor does he know who she is. Sookie convinces him it is safe to come home with her where she cleans him up. Sookie then calls Fangtasia to get ahold of Pam and let her know Eric's current state.

FD: At work, Sookie is in a bad mood. She is angry with her ex boyfriend, Bill, Jason had once again postponed helping her shift an armoire, and she got her property tax notice. While
Bill is in New Orleans, LA, Sookie is picking up his mail. Claudine offers Sookie a job to come and listen to some humans- guest of her brother, Claude. Sookie had no idea that Claudine had a brother. When they arrive at Claudine and her brother house, Sookie notices that Claudine knocks in a pattern. When the door is opened, Sookie then finds out that Claudine's brother is also her twin. She is a bit hesitant to help until she finds out what's their purpose.

DN: Sookie gets an invitation to a party at Fangtasia to celebrate Dracula's birthday.

DAAD: Sookie can't read shifter minds as clearly as human minds, but can tell if a mood is true.

OWA: Sookie and Bubba are doing some late night yard work when a mysterious limousine pulls up. Mr. Cataliades informs her that he has a legacy for her. Legacy meant that someone had died. He goes on to tell her that the legacy is from her cousin Hadley. She had her high school junior picture in her photo album; that was the last picture she had taken because Hadley ran off her junior year. To Sookie, Hadley had been fun as a child and they'd been together a lot since Sookie had been a weird kid. Hadley & Jason had been the only children she had to play with for the most part. When Hadley hit puberty, the picture changed, but she still had some good memories of her cousin. Mr. Cataliades informs her that Hadley was a vampire and had been staked. Hadley & Jason are both 3 years older than Sookie. Hadley had been the Sookie's physical opposite in most ways. Sookie is robust and blond; Hadley was thin & dark; Sookie was strong; Hadley was frail.

DD: QSA tells Sookie story of how she was made because she took Hadley under her wing because she had been molested by her great uncle which is a horrid event they all shared. Hadley talked about Sookie often. Sookie ends up not being mad at the queen because "she can't help being the way she is and the queen didn't even know her". But she is mad at Bill because he did know her and went about her plan in a very thorough way.

Andre, the queen's second, tells Sookie she's part fae.
Bill Compton

True Blood

Portrayed by Stephen Moyer, Bill first appearing S1 E1 "Strange Love", is a 146 year old vampire. Bill goes in Merlotte's and instantly spots Sookie as she does him.

Bill is the first vampire customer at Merlotte's. When attempting to order a bottle of synthetic blood he is informed by Sookie that Sam ordered some a year ago, but no one ever ordered it so it went bad. He orders a glass of wine instead giving him a reason to be there. The Rattrays lean in to introduce themselves.

After luring Bill outside, Mack and Denise snare Bill using fine silver chains, which have burn their way into his skin, and begin draining him a pint at a time. Sookie sneaks up on them and smacks Mack in the back with the chain. When he turns on her with a knife, the chain as if by magic, wraps around his neck. Sookie picks up Mack's dropped knife and focuses on Denise, who collects her wounded husband and leaves promising "This aint over". Sookie rushes to Bill's side, and after freeing him from the chains, is shocked to watch his burns disappear before her eyes. He gruffly thanks her. He inquires about her asking "What are you?" since she seems to not be as squeamish as humans normally would be around vampires to which she replies her name and that she is a waitress.

In S1 E2, The First Taste, after healing Sookie on the walk back to her car Bill explains he was made vampire in 1865 and that he fought in the Civil War. Bill explains that he moved back to his original home town and ancestral home of Bon Temps, LA after old Jesse Compton passed away last year. He is attempting to live mainstream among humans. When asked by Sookie, we learn that beyond glamoring, he has no special abilities.

In S1 E5, "Sparks Fly Out", at the DGD meeting Bill describes his experience as a soldier in the Civil War and is presented with a picture of he and his family from the Mayor who found it in the city's archives.

What Bill doesn't relate to the DGD group meeting is how he broke into a home for food and water and met a mysterious widow who lived there. She does provide him with these things, but then she tries to seduce him. Bill rebuffs her advances. He promptly decides to leave at which time the widow bears her fangs and attacks Bill.

Bill experiences a nightmare where he sees someone trying to kill Sookie by choking her to death in her bed. He turns on a light to check his watch and growls in frustration that sunset hasn't happened yet. The camera pans back to show us his resting place beneath his house. Once the sun sets, he burst into Sookie's house, thus surprising Lafayette and Tara in the process, and races upstairs to wake Sookie from her Valium-induced slumber to ease his mind.

The night of Gran's funeral, he steps onto his porch and hears the sound of someone running. When he sees that it is Sookie, he runs into the yard to meet her, sweeps her off her feet and takes into his house where they make love for the first time.

When Eric summons Bill and Sookie to the bar to "read" the humans to see who stole money from the bar, Sookie only interviews one waitress. She can tell that the waitress knows something and can't remember it and can tell she has been glamoured. Longshadow attacks Sookie and Bill kills him.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Bill is a 141 year old vampire described, by Sookie, as a little under 6 feet, with thick brown hair combed back brushing his collar, long sideburns curiously old-fashioned. He is pale with lips lovely and sharply sculpted, to Sookie his skin has a little glow, Arched dark brows, nose swooped down right out of that arch like a prince in a Byzantine mosaic, his eyes are even darker than his hair and the whites of his eyes are incredibly white. His voice is cool & clear like a stream over smooth stones. Living Dead In Dallas: about 5'10" with dark brown hair and eyes, broad shoulders & hard muscular arms of a man that has done manual labor for years. Club Dead: Glowing skin, thick, dark hair, broad shoulders, dark brown eyes. Dead to the World: Broad shouldered and lean from farming the land next to Sookie's and hard & tough from his years as a confederate soldier before his death in 1867. Bill's nose was straight off a Greek vase. His hair was dark brown and clipped close to his head and his eyes were just as dark. Definitely Dead: Brown eyes, which looked all the more darker in Bill's white face, hair brown too, Smooth & sleek, slim, broad shouldered, arms hard with muscles like the farmer he had been.

Upon finding Bill with the Rattrays, Sookie sees that Bill is on the ground on his back, his face contorted in agony, and a gleam of chains criss-crossed his wrists and ran down to his ankles—silver. There were two little vials of blood already on the ground beside Denise’s feet and as Sookie watched she fixed a new vacu-tainer to the needle. The tourniquet above his elbow dug cruelly into his arm. Sookie leaps from behind the pickup thwacking Mack across the back. He turns on her with a knife and from swinging it around, the chain on its recoil wrapped around his neck, forcing Mack to drop his knife to claw at the chains. Sookie swoops down and picks up the knife. Denise had been lounging forward, but stopped in her tracks when she sees Sookie has Mack’s knife. She cursed and railed and said terrible things. Sookie tells her to “Get out now”. Denise stared holes of hate in Sookie’s head. She tried to scoop of the vials of blood but Sookie hissed at her to leave them alone. Denise then pulls Mack to his feet, kinda dragging him along to their car and shoved him in through the passenger side. Yanking some keys from her pocket, Denise threw herself into the driver’s seat. Realizing that they now have another weapon, faster than she’s ever moved Sookie ran to the vampire’s head and panted “Push with your feet”. She grabbed him under the arms and yanked back with all her might and he caught and braced his feet and shoved. They were just inside the tree line when the red car came roaring down at them. The vampire cradled his arms to his chest while Sookie worked on the silver wrapped around his legs. His ankles had fared better since the drainers hadn’t troubled to pull up his jeans legs and put the silver against his bare skin. Sookie apologizes for not getting there sooner and asks him if he wants her to leave. He tells her no explaining that the drainers might come back and her he is not yet able to fight them. He thanks her stiffly.

Upon Bill’s return to Merlotte’s, Bill asks Sookie again “What are you?”. After she deliberately misunderstands his meaning, he goes on to place his order. Sookie asks if she can talk to him after work because she has a favor to ask him. He agrees and leaves shortly after.

During Bill's visit with Sookie and Gran, Bill informs them that his father's people were Comptons and his mother's people were Laudermilks. The last living Compton, Jesse, passed away the preceding year. Jesse's land reverted to Bill and since things have changed toward people of his particular persuasion, he decided to claim it. His folks had been in Bon Temps when it was just a hole in the road at the edge of the frontier.

During their walk, Bill tells Sookie that he plans on living on the Compton land as long as he can. He explains that he is tired of drifting from city to city. He grew up in the country and now that he has a legal right to exist he wants to stay. He'd been roaming for decades. He informs her that a vampires resting place is his most closely guarded secret.

Bill informs Sookie that he was made vampire in 1870 when he was 30 human years old. He was married and had five children in his human life. His sister Sarah lived with them. She never wed. Her young man was killed in the war.

Bill likes to read and watch movies, but of course he follows their inception. He likes the company of people that lead ordinary lives. Sometimes he craves the company of other vampires though most of them live very different lives from his. Sometimes he likes television. For a while he taped soap operas and watched them at night when he though he might be forgetting what it was like to be human after a while he stopped because from the examples he saw on those shows forgetting humanity was a good thing. Sookie asks Bill to glamour her and they discover that not only he cannot glamour her, but that she can also see that his skin is glowing. When asked by Sookie, Bill shows her he can levitate. The two end their night with a kiss and he invites her to come by the following night if she didn't have to work.

When Sookie tells Bill about the news of Dawn's murder, he tells her that she came to his house the night the other vampires were there after Sookie had left. He says she's lucky she missed them because she was very confident in her ability to handle anything. Bill agrees to take Sookie to the vampire bar on her next night off.

Bill picks Sookie up in a black Cadillac that shines like glass. Sookie notices that Bill is partial to Kenny G.

Bill tells Sookie that Pam & Eric are older than him by centuries. Giving Sookie an out, Bill tells her that Eric is still looking at her and that he would try his glamour ion her if she were not "his". Bill later tells Sookie that Eric is breaking the rules even attempting to glamour Sookie after Bill told him that she is "his".

After hearing Sookie explain that there is going to be a raid through thought she picked up, the couple leave. Bill gives a sign to Eric to leave and Sookie gives Longshadow a sign to do the same.

At the DGD meeting, under the fluorescent lighting Bill looked much more unhuman than he did under the dim lighting in Merlotte's or equally dim lights in his own home. There was no way he could pass for a regular guy. His palor was very marked of course and the deep pods of his eyes looked darker & colder.

Bill plucks a screaming Sookie from the sight of her Gran's lifeless body. He advises her to call the police and explains that Gran gave him a ride home and insisted on coming with her to unload the car. He didn't see who killed her because he went home across the cemetery to change. She notices he's dressed in a "Grateful Dead" t-shirt and blue jeans. The t-shirt causes Sookie to break out into laughter momentarily through her pain.

A few days after the funeral, Bill comes to visit with Sookie. He comforts her by sitting with her and combing out her tangled wet hair. The soothing of this takes a turn to the hormonal side, Bill takes his cue from Sookie to advance their relationship to the next level. Bill is Sookie's first lover.

Bill stops in to Sookie upon her return to work and they agree that once she gets off she’ll come to his house. Once he turned to leave the bar, the vampire trio came in. The two vampires shrieked with feigned surprise when they saw Bill like demented drunks. As far Sookie could tell, Bill was not happy about their presence but he seemed to handle their invasion calmly as he did almost everything. Malcolm kissed Bill on the mouth and then so did Diane. Bill, who was no fool, took a step back and put his around Sookie disassociating himself with the vampires and aligning himself with the humans.

When Eric summons Bill and Sookie to the bar to conduct interviews to see who is telling the truth about stealing money from the bar Sookie interviews more than one waitress. When she discovers the waitress has been glamoured

LDID: Bill had worked a farm with his father and then for himself before he had gone to be a soldier in the Civil War.
Bill Compton later discovers that the Bellefleurs are his descendants and provides the family with an anonymous fortune from a "deceased relative", knowing that they would be horrified if he were to tell them the truth of the connection.

CD: Bill is working on a secret database project for the queen of Louisiana that Eric or any of the Area 5 vampires must know about. He has been real distant toward Sookie. She tells him if he is so absorbed in his work that she'll just stay away until it's over. In reply he says "That would be best". Sookie, angry, storms off but he stops her and tells her "If anything happens to him she must look in the hiding place he built at her house (his computer & some disks should be in there). Don't tell anyone. If the computer is not there go to his house and see if its there. Come in the daytime and come armed. Get the computer and any disks she can find and hide them in his hidey hole. If he is not back in 8 weeks tell Eric everything he has said and place herself under his protection. He tells her he is going to Seattle (which she knew was a lie) and when he comes back then they will talk.

DTTW: Bill goes to Peru on the queen's orders to do more research on the computer database. He has an appointment to confer with a very old vampire in Lima who has a great fund of knowledge of those of his race on his continent. Also Bill plans to sight see while he is there. Bill explains to Sookie that the reason he went to Jackson is he couldn't help himself. He and Lorena were lovers long ago and she is the vampire that brought him over, they were together after that. They broke up about 80 years ago when they came to a point were they could no longer tolerate each other. He hadn't seen her since although her had heard of her doings of course. But he had to obey her summons. When your maker calls you must respond. Lorena ordered Bill to leave Sookie. Lorena said she would kill Sookie if he didn't. He approximates he'll be gone for about two weeks and they agree to speak when he returns.

FD: Bill is in New Orleans, LA. Sookie is picking up his mail.

DD: Bill's confession- "When your cousin Hadley was becoming the queen's favorite apparently Hadley talked about you and your ability a lot to impress the queen and keep her interests. And QSA knew I was originally from Bon Temps. On some nights I've wondered if she sent someone to kill the last Compton and hurry things along, but maybe he truly died of old age. She ordered me to return to my human put myself in your seduce you if I had to. She wanted your gift harnessed for her own use."
Sam Merlotte

True Blood

Portrayed by Sam Trammell, Sam, first appearing in S1 E1 "Strange Love", is the owner of Merlotte's Bar and Grille. Sam is first seen looking over at Sookie from behind the bar in kind of a "longing for" way. Although he is Sookie's boss, he seems to have a crush on her.

Sookie can hear his thoughts as clearly as anyone else's.

Sam tends to be somewhat territorial with Sookie concerning his feelings for her and his growing disapproval over her involvement with Bill. This is evident when Sam keeps encouraging Sookie to read his thoughts after their "date" to show for his sexually aggressive behavior towards her and his verbal anger towards Bill. Sookie gets angry and ends the date calling a taxi to get home.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Sam is the owner of Merlotte's. Has Paul Newman blue eyes, blond but his hair is wirey and his blond is almost a sort of hot red gold, always a little sun burnt, looks slight in his clothes, but has plenty of upper body strength. LDID: Small and wirey in appearance but very strong, smallish man, reddish-gold hair, and true blue eyes. DN: Sam's hair: a red-gold halo and he's few inches taller than Sookie's 5'6". He's not a big guy but he's much stronger than a plain human his size since he's a shapeshifter. DAAD: Built lean, but stronger than he looks, in his 30s, reddish gold hair that halos his head.

Sookie lets Sam know that she is headed outside. He nodded, but he didn't look happy.

Rene tells Sam about Sookie's fight with the Ratts in which he pulls her into his office to chastise her. Through his touch, she discovered that he desired her and that she can't hear his thoughts as clearly as others (Sookie had waves of impressions of how he was feeling).

To the amusement of Arlene & Dawn, Sam had put in a yard and planted boxwood in front of his trailer, in which they constantly teased him about the neat line of his hedge.

Sam calls Sookie and asks her if she can go by Dawn’s place to see what she’s up to. She hadn’t been answering her phone or come in to work. The delivery truck had just pulled up and he had to be there to tell the guys where to put stuff. Reluctantly, Sookie agrees.

Tired of her own thoughts, Sookie begins to dip into the minds of others. Upon Sam’s arrival, she attempts to read his mind only to find she cannot read Sam’s thoughts only feel his emotions which was a mixture of worry, concern, and anger but she could not spell out one single thought. As he approached, Sookie could tell that Sam felt her in his head. Despite his invitation to her, he hadn’t known that she would see he was different from others.

Sam is JB and Dawn's landlord. He owns all three duplexes on Barry St.

Sam follows Sookie outside to ask her what’s wrong. After finding out that Andy has been playing nasty minds games with her to get her to read his mind, Sam informs him to sit in someone else’s section if he comes back.

Sam uneasily asks Sookie if she would like to accompany him to the DGD meeting and have coffee afterwards in which she agrees. After the meeting, they went to the Crawdad Diner. Sookie wasn't hungry, but Sam had key lime pie with his coffee. Sam asks Sookie if she has has feelings for Bill in which she replies "yes". He proceeds to tell her how she has no future with Bill, but Sookie, on the defensive, shuts down Sam's warnings. Sam boldly tells Sookie that he likes her as friend and maybe something more sometime. Sookie takes this truth as him being threatened by her feelings for Bill and she decides that they go. Sam drops her off at home. Sookie, tripping out of Sam's truck, is caught by Sam, and they end up kissing. The pair part on fairly good, if not a bit awkward, terms.

Upon receiving a call from Terry per Sookie's request, Sam was at Sookie's house within 30 minutes, still wearing the clothes he wore to the meeting that night.

After the gang at the bar seems to tentatively accept Sookie’s newly sexual involvement with Bill, Sam ruins it all by moving to step beside Sookie and pulling her shirt’s collar down. This angers Sookie in which he explains he’s scared and worried for her.

Sam had never seemed to join anything. Sam had been in Bon Temps for 6 years at that time and Sookie had never met anyone who seem to know about Sam's life prior to his buying the bar there.

LDID: Sam bartended at an anniversary party at the country club the night Andy becomes drunk in Merlotte's.

CD: Sam had bought the bar 5 years ago. It had been failing. After he renamed & renovated the place, Sam had turned balance sheets around. He made a nice living off it now.

DTTW: Sam changes into a collie and sometimes trots all the way over to Sookie's. She gives him a bowl of scraps and lets him nap on her porch if the weather is good of in her living room if the weather is poor.

FD: Sam offered to accompany Sookie to the job she is to do for Claudine, but she declines.

DN: Sam was attempting to get an early start on tackling his own taxes even though he did that every year and every year he ended up calling the CPA and filing for an extension. Sam informs Sookie that he did not receive an invite to Dracula's birthday explaining they wouldn't invite many shifters anyway; maybe the local packmaster or some type of supe that done them a significant service like her.

DAAD: Owner, bartender, bouncer, and upon occasion the cook

: Sam was in the army for four years. He joined when he was 18. He had been accepted into college but didn't know what he wanted to do in life. He grew up partially in Wright, TX way outside
of Fort Worth but moved around a lot since his dad was in the service, he got out when Sam was 14 yrs old. Sam's mom has family in Wright. He played baseball & basketball. He's the first born. Dad passed away about 6 years ago leaving him a chunk a money in which he bought the bar with. Sam almost married a regular girl while he was in the service, but he couldn't take keeping the secret of what he is.
Jason Stackhouse

True Blood

Portrayed by Ryan Kwanten, Jason, first appearing in S1 E1 "Strange Love", has brown eyes an athletic build. He is a supervisor of a road crew and a known ladies man.

Jason is seen as an sexual partner of Maudette Pickens. He notices fang marks on the inside of her thigh and is instantly repulsed. Upon questioning her actions, Maudette reveals that she in fact had been involved with a vampire and had videotaped it their sexual act. To get back in his good graces she offers to play it for him. He is simultaneously turned on and revolted by the video she's playing for him: A homemade porn starring Maudette with a vicious looking vampire and a bondage hook hanging from her ceiling.The couple decide to re-enact the occurrence with Jason ad libbing and strangling Maudette and appearing to kill her. What he doesn't know is he is being secretly videotaped.

The next morning, Jason comes by the house to reprimand Sookie for fighting with the Rattrays after hearing about it from Hoyt Fortenberry. She shoots back that they were going to kill Bill, and although Jason detests Sookie's involvement with a vampire she is able to shift the blame on Mack when she adds that he came after with a knife. Over lunch, Gran gets a phone call and hears that Maudette was found strangled in her apartment. Jason seems angry and frightened at the news.

Later back at work, the police pull up to his road crew to question him about Maudette. Sheriff Bud Dearborne and Detective Andy Bellefleur feel him out before eventually telling him they found a videotape of him having sex with the victim the night of the murder. They detain him for questioning back at the station. Before leaving, Jason puts Rene in charge and asks him not to tell his sister.

Jason becomes addicted to vampire blood commonly called "V".

Jason falls in love with Amy Burley,
a New Age drifter hippie who ends up working at Merlotte's and, like Jason, is addicted to 'V', although on a more serious level, Jason and Amy kidnap a vampire named Eddie Gautier and drain his blood, drinking it and getting high. Jason begins to sympathize with Eddie and is upset with Amy when she stakes him. Jason and Amy have one last round of 'V' induced sex when Amy is strangled to death while the two are asleep in bed together.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead until Dark, described as handsome but sure could be mean too as said by Sookie. He has blue eyes and works for the state as a supervisor on a road crew. From Sookie's perspective it seems like Jason's day consisted of driving around in a state pick up, clocking off work and then driving around all night in his own pick up. He hung around Hoyt Fortenberry & Rene Lenier.

Jason's truck is described as being black with custom aqua & pink swirls on the side. Jason loved to be noticed. Jason lives in he and Sookie's parents' old house, the one they'd been living in before they died in a flash flood. They'd lived with Gran after that. When Jason got through his two years of college and went to work for the state, he moved back into the house, which on paper is half Sookie's. Jason is also an appliance freak.

Sookie and Jason both make salaries, but they also have a little income from a fund established when an oil well was sunk on their parents' property. It played out in a few years but their parents and then Gran made sure the money was invested. That money saved them both a lot of struggle.

Upon noticing that the Ratts had left with Bill, Sookie slid down to Jason at the bar, who was sweeping Deanne off her feet, and asks for the chain in the back of his truck. Not exactly knowing what the situation is, he offers her help but Sookie declines.

Jason goes by Gran's to confront Sookie about not telling him about her fight with the Rattrays the night before after hearing about it from Rene. After hearing of the news of a vampire in Bon Temps, Jason is curious & excited.

While visiting with/ catching up on the town gossip, Jason tells Gran and Sookie about Maudette’s death. Jason isn't initially looked at as a suspect in her case. However with their questions, Gran & Sookie raise light to the fact that Jason could possibly be questioned. Due to his seeming routine purchase of gas at the Grabb It, him bedding Maudette at some point in time, and her being murdered in an apartment he was familiar with. On the defensive, Jason explains that "Maudette just liked to have a good time and that she wasn't a pro". He thinks she was kinda lonely. He is however the only one questioned. We don't learn of a video between her and Jason until much later.

The night of Gran's murder, Sookie tried calling Jason at four or five different places. Finally reaching him at Merlotte's, he came over to the house she and Gran shared as soon as he was contacted. When Sookie told Jason that Gran was dead, and dead by violence, he just looked at her. When the news finally sinks in, Jason abruptly sinks to his knees and Sookie comforts him by holding him.

Sookie eventually explains to Jason how she found their grandmother and why she thinks she was attacked. Jason suspects Bill, but Sookie quickly follows with the idea that anyone could have killed Gran. Not knowing what to do with his feelings, Jason angrily informs Sookie that Gran had left her house and land to Sookie alone. Enraged with the idea that Gran had been unfair, he steps in front of Sookie and slaps her viciously. Jason attempted to go after her again, but Bill was suddenly in front of her, crouched with his fangs out. Sam then tackled Jason and brought him down, and he may have whacked his face once for good measure.

Upon Sookie’s return to work, Jason came in to Merlotte’s and had a couple of beers with his hamburger, which wasn’t his normal regime. He usually didn’t drink during the work day. He tells Sookie that the chief had him in again that day questioning him about Maudette. He had been gone from work at least two days maybe three with all the trips he’d been making down to the police station. Sookie suggests that he get a lawyer and then recommends Sid Matt Lancaster.

Amy is simply a one night stand who records a sex session with Jason. She is later strangled to death and Jason is framed for the murder by the killer.

LDID: Jason, who'd not exactly welcomed Bill into their little family circle, had turned over a whole new leaf.

DTTW: Jason is kidnapped and held captive by Felton Norris in Hot Shot. Felton purposely and repeatedly bit him with the intent to change him into a werepanther making him undesirable to Crystal.

OWA: Jason is assumed to be at Merlotte's with his girlfriend, Crystal, the night Sookie receives her unexpected guests in the limo. Jason & Hadley were both 3 years older than Sookie and had been great buddies.
Mr. Cataliades informs Sookie that Hadley left her the sole heir to her legacy. In the legacy they for Sookie, the document states: Hadley says she called Jason once for help when she was very low on funds; he ignored her request, so now she's ignoring him.

: Jason is taken by Sookie to Hot Shot to be placed under the care of Calvin Norris for his first full moon. The next morning he explains to Sookie that although he doesn't change into a full werepanther he enjoys his half man/half panther form.

ATD: Jason & Crystal get married in a outdoor ceremony in Hot Shot and Crystal is pregnant again.

FDTW: Jason suspects Crystal of cheating and staged it so that Sookie & Calvin would catch her in the act. Since Sookie stood for Jason at their wedding and Calvin for Crystal, Sookie had to bestow the punishment of breaking Calvin's hand, which represents his claw, with a brick since due to Crystal's pregnancy she cannot withstand it herself.
Tara Thornton

True Blood

Portrayed by Rutina Wesley, Tara, first appearing in S1 E1 "Strange Love", can be described as African American with a slender frame and long braided hair. Tara is first seen as a casually working employee at Super-a-Bunch. Tara dresses practically rather than fashionably. She has a sharp exterior and finds it difficult to hold a job down due to her temperamental state. She is extremely loyal to her friends but appears anti social otherwise.

After allowing her anger issues cause her to quit her job at Super Save-a-Bunch, Tara heads over to Merlotte's. Once there she wallows in her troubles before becoming alarmed by Sookie of the bar's first vampire customer. Sam asks her to watch over bar while he assuming goes after Sookie.

Tara and Sookie have known each other since they were very young. Tara would often hide out at Sookie's home to escape her alcoholic mother. The two have remained very close every since having more of a sisterly relationship. In S2 E entitled "", Tara moves in with Sookie.

Tara is a first cousin to Lafayette. They have a playful brother-sister relationship.

Tara's mother, Lettie Mae, is a raging alcoholic. Tara's father waled out on them when Tara was really young and it has been stated on many occasion that Tara is an only child. Tara mentions Mrs. Stackhouse called social services on Lettie Mae twice in S1 E6 entitled "Cold Ground".

In S1 E entitled "", Tara is seen to have a crush on Jason. Lafayette states in S1 E entitled "" that she has been lost in love with him since she was 8 yrs old. However out of loneliness she goes on to have a sexual relationship with her friend and boss, Sam, in S1 E entitled "".

In S1 E entitled "", Tara, although reluctant and disbelieving, agrees to pay Miss Jeanette, con-woman posing as a shaman, to exorcise out of Lettie Mae the "demon" causing her alcoholism. The pseudo exorcism manages to cure Lettie Mae.

In S1 E10 "I Don't Wanna Know", Tara has an exorcism herself by Miss Jeanette. She takes her mother out to MaMaw's Mudbugs in Keachi, LA to celebrate. Tara soon finds out Miss Jeanette was a con-woman when she goes into a drug store in search for Pepto for her mother and sees she is a clerk there. Unable to cope, Tara shows up to Arlene's engagement party obviously drunk. After being rejected by those close to her she leaves angry and drives off erratically.

In S1 E11 entitled "To Love is to Bury", Tara explains to Kenya that a naked woman with "a big ass muthafuckin' Paul Bunyan pig" stood in the middle of the road causing Tara to runoff. Kenya, not believing her one bit, arrests Tara.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in the second book, Living Dead in Dallas, Tara is described as being several inches taller than Sookie, has black hair cut in a short page boy, dark eyes, and olive skin. DTTW: black hair and dark eyes, smooth olive complexion. DAAD: Tall, slim, dark haired and has a wardrobe of wonderful clothes. Tara is a very intelligent, mild mannered, sophisticated and well dressed catholic woman.

She owns a clothing store named Tara's Togs, an upscale woman's clothing store, in which is a part of a strip of stores owned by Bill Compton.

Tara and Sookie met in high school and became friends. Tara would often hide out at Sookie's house to escape her alcoholic parents. Tara and Sookie remained on friendly terms after high school.

Tara's parents, mentioned in Club Dead, were both evil alcoholics & abusers. Her mother's name is Myrna. Tara's brother and sisters had left home as fast as they could leaving Tara, the youngest. Tara's parents are long dead before the series begins.

CD: Sookie runs into Tara in Jackson at a club called Josephine's where she is accompanied by a vampire named Franklin. Franklin, in Dead to the World, is said to have given Tara a shiny new black camaro in which is why she is able to give Sookie her old Malibu when her house and car are set afire.

DTTW: Hadn't seen Sookie since they met by chance at a club in Jackson, MS when she was with Franklin Mott. Franklin gave Tara a sleek, black brand new camaro. Claudine was with her.

DN: Tara's store wasn't open after 6pm.

DAAD: Tara, formerly dating Franklin was passed on to Mickey due to Franklin owing a debt to Mickey's master. Franklin had given her lavish gifts and told Tara she had been acting like mistress and figured she could be of more use to him. Franklin, much older than Tara even before turned, could sense her true feelings from feeding on her and she figured him to be more of a sugar daddy.

ATD: Tara and JB DuRone elope.

Andy Bellefleur

True Blood

Portrayed by Chris Bauer, first appearing in S1 E1 "Strange Love", is a police detective in Bon Temps

He is some what incompetent at his job and is regularly disrespected by the town's citizens. He is a recovering alcoholic.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Andy is described as a police detective in Bon Temps, has grey eyes and is a block of muscle, graduated before Jason. Compared to Sam, Andy is twice as thick in the body and taller by two inches. Has brown highlights in his hair.

The Bellefleurs had been around Bon Temps as long as there has been a Bon Temps.
During her questioning about Dawn, Sookie picks up on Andy's unspoken prejudice against her job and calls him out on it. She accidentally on purpose responds to a thought he hadn't verbally spoken which Andy finds fascinating that the stories about Sookie are true.

Detective Bellefleur took to hanging around the bar on his off hours never drinking more alcohol than one beer, but observing everything that took place around him. He always seemd to pick a table in Sookie's section and began to play a silent game with her. When she would come to his table, he would think of something provocative, trying to get her to say something. He didn't seem to understand how indecent that was. The provocation was the point; not the insult. He just wanted her to read his mind again.
Upon Andy’s thought of Sookie cavorting with her brother, Sookie pours the Coke she was to serve him down his shirt and storms out the back entrance of the restaurant. Andy eventually follows her outside to apologize and Sam informs him to sit in someone else’s section if he comes back.

LDID: Andy was as drunk as a skunk, which wasn't normal for Andy. The reason was due to him having to arrest a man that morning for kidnapping his 10 year old neighbor. He'd taken her to place in the woods and raped her. Upon hearing the reason for his gloomy mood, Sookie pours Andy another drink and calls Portia to come pick him up.
When Portia arrives she can instantly see that Andy is "soused" and explains that it doesn't happen often but when he decides to tie one on, he does a good job. With help from Bill, Portia and Andy make it to her car and head home leaving Andy's car in Merlotte's parking lot. At some point between 8pm that evening and 10am the next morning, Andy's car acquired a new passenger. By all rights, Andy should have collected his car that morning but he's been too hung over to fool with getting Portia to run him over to the bar, which out of the way to the police station.

The Bellefleur siblings lived in a decaying, large, white, two story antebellum formerly quite a showplace on the prettiest street in the nicest area of Bon Temps- on Magnolia Creek Rd. Belle Rive was too much for Portia & Andy to maintain since the money to support such a home and its grounds was long since gone. But their grandmother, Caroline, stubbornly refused to sell.

When the body of Lafayette Reynold is found in his car in the Merlotte's parking lot the next morning, Andy himself becomes suspect.

He eventually follows his leads to Jan Fowler's cabin in the woods, where he encounters not only the orgy participants and Bill, Eric, and Sookie, but Callisto as well. Though the true murders die, enough evidence is left to exonerate Andy.

DAAD: Has been dating Haleigh Robinson, whom is 21, for a couple of months.

TW: Andy gets married to Haleigh Robinson in a double wedding with his sister.

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynold
True Blood

Portrayed by Nelsan Ellis, Lafayette first seen in S1 E1 "Strange Love", is a short order cook at Merlotte's, drug dealer, member of road crew, and a gay prostitute. Proclaims himself to be an entrepreneur. Also has a pornographic website.

Tara's cousin, Lettie Mae 's nephew, and S3 discovered to be the son of Ruby Jean Reynolds.

Has a romantic relationship/exchange with a vampire, Eddie, for vampire blood and state Senator David Finch.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, a cook for one shift at Merlotte's, one in which lasted longer than most. Wears a lot of makeup & thick false lashes. LDID: Sookie describes him as "flamboyantly gay, make-up and long fingernails gay"

He is cheerful, entertainingly mischievous, clever, a good cook and known for his "Burgers Lafayette", a burger he steeped in his special sauce.

Dawn had never gotten along with Lafayette whether because he was black or because he was gay, maybe both. Arlene and Charlsy just accepted the cook but didn't go out of their way to be friendly. But Sookie always kinda liked Lafayette because he conducted what had to be a hard life with verve & grace.

Lafayette is found murdered in the beginning of the second novel in the series, Living Dead in Dallas, in the back seat of Andy Bellefleur's car naked by Sookie.

When Sookie asks if Lafayette had any family around, Sam tells her he had a cousin.

From Terry perspective Lafayette "wasn't too bad", which him that was high praise. He goes on to say that Lafayette did his job, always showed up on time, cleaned the kitchen good, never a bad word. When asked by Sookie if Andy told him what happened to him, Terry tells her that Lafayette's neck had been broken and there had some evidence that he had been "messed with" which meant something violent and sexual to Terry. Andy's car wasn't stained much given the impression he was killed somewhere else.
Arlene Fowler

True Blood

Portrayed by Carrie Preston, Arlene, first appearing in S1 E1 "Strange Love", is a feisty red headed waitress at Merlotte's who apparently abuses the privilege of personal calls on the job. In her defense, Arlene is a four time divorcee and single mother of two children, Coby and Lisa.

In S1, is seen to be dating then later engaged to Rene Lenier.

A close friend of Sookie's, her kids call her Aunt Sookie

In S2, develops a relationship with Terry Bellefleur, but discovers she is pregnant with Rene's baby in S3.

Attempts a miscarriage with the help of the newest waitress at Merlotte's and practicing wiccan, Holly.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Arlene is described as red headed, freckled, and ten years older than Sookie. DTTW: At least 5'8"

She has been married four times with Rene being her second husband. Her brief hitch with Rene had been when she was young and childless. She has two children named Coby and Lisa.

In DUD, she is described to be dating Rene Lenier.
Arlene had begged Sookie to read the mind of her fourth husband when he came into the bar to pick her up because she was pretty certain he was thinking about leaving her and the kids. Sookie refused wanting to keep the one friend she had. Even Arlene hadn’t been able to ask her directly because that would be admitting that Sookie had a gift and/ or curse.

Before heading outside to check on Bill and his whereabouts with the Ratts, Sookie bargains with Arlene that if she watches her tables and cleans her area, she'll clean her trailer. Arlene agrees and offers her help as Jason had done in which Sookie also declines.

Sookie mistakenly reads Arlene's mind and discovers that her period is late and that she is afraid that she might be pregnant. Realizing this, Arlene scolds Sookie for invading her privacy. Arlene was one of the few people that simply acknowledged Sookie's ability without trying to explain it or categorizing her as a freak for possessing such an ability. She also didn't talk about it often.

Arlene happens to drop in on Sookie during her time off and help her clean out Gran's room. They packed everything up to take to the Disaster Relief agency. Arlene agrees to drop them off at the collection center on her way home.

Upon her return to work, Arlene had been eyeing Sookie all morning and finally figured out Sookie had been “having fun”. After questioning who the lucky guy was, Sookie simply says Bill. Arlene was flabbergasted asks Sookie couldn’t she just date a regular human. After Sookie explains that no human fella asked her out, Arlene accepts it and tells her “he better treat you good or we’ll get our stakes out" in a light, jokingly manner.

LDID: Sookie asks Arlene to work her shift so she could accompany Bill to Shreveport. She was due a day off, but she always wanted to earn the better tips they got at night so she agreed to come in at 5pm that afternoon.

CD: Arlene's latest flame was Buck Foley.

DTTW: Arlene is interested in Tack, the new cook at Merlotte's whose real name is Alfonze Patacky.

DN: Upon hearing her thoughts, Sookie discovers that Arlene was wondering if she could get her latest boyfriend to pop the question.

ATD: Arlene falls under the influence of her latest boyfriend, a FotS member. Her and Sookie's friendship suffers due to her new way of thinking and judging Sookie for her involvement with vampires.

DD: Arlene started going to church with her boyfriend Ray Prudawn and by church meaning FotS in Mindon, LA.

: Arlene is dating Whit Spradling, a member of the FotS. She is absolutely appalled and disgusted once the Weres and shape shifters "come out" and quits her job at Melotte's.
Eric Northman
True Blood

Portrayed by Alexander Skarsgard, Eric, first appearing in S1 E4 entitled "Escape From Dragon House", is the Sheriff of Area 5, a vampire district in Louisiana.

Swedish Viking warrior in human life, he has been a vampire for a over 1,000 years.

Owns a vampire bar, Fangtasia, in Shreveport, LA.

He was dying when he was turned into a vampire by Godric.

S3 E5
Flashback to 900 A.D. where we meet Eric’s father, Ulfrick, and mother, Astrid. Ulfrick is described as in his 40s to 50s, warm but battle scarred. He’s a Swedish Viking king who wants Eric to learn responsibility and to behave as a prince should, causing some tension in their otherwise solid father-son relationship. Astrid is in her 30s, also described as warm, and has a new baby.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Eris is Sheriff of Area 5, a vampire district in Louisiana and owner of the vampire bar, Fangtasia. Sookie describes him as being handsome, radiant, blond, blue eyed, tall & broad shouldered. DN: Very tall, very broad, very blond, beautiful hair rippling down his back. 1000 years old. DTTW: Eric's hair color is the same shade of blond as Sookie's. DAAD: 6'4", bold features, high cheek bones and square jaw, looks like a lawless viking.

When asked by Sookie who Eric was, Bill describes Eric as being the oldest thing the bar.

Eric informs Sookie that he had been with Dawn and that she liked pain.

In an attempt to be understanding if Sookie's interest lies elsewhere, Bill explains that Eric is much better looking than he is, more powerful, and he understands that sex with him is unforgettable. He is so old that he only needs to take a sip to maintain his strength
. He almost never kills anymore so as vampires go he's a good guy.

Upon hearing that there will be a raid, Bill gives Eric a sign to leave. Outside the bar, Sookie admits to Eric that the information about the raid came from her because she read a policeman's mind. Eric tells her he had a psychic once and that it was incredible. Eric drives a Corvette.

Eric and Pam went in together on the bar. Eric put up most of the money, Pam the rest. They had known Longshadow for 100 years and hired him to be bartender. He betrayed them.

Viking in human life, was deemed a man at the age of 12.

Was turned into a vampire by Roman legionnaire, Appius Livius Ocella.

He fell victim to being turned by being lured into helping a guy who was lying in the road.
DN: Eric claimed Sookie for a slow dance.

DD: After Sookie & Amelia's attack by Jake Purifoy, Eric goes to see Sookie in the hospital. Bill also. Eric hints around about Bill's intentions then says "Ask him why he came to Bon Temps, Sookie..."

FDTW: Eric remembers the time during his memory loss.
Hoyt Fortenberry

True Blood Southern Vampire Mysteries

Portrayed by Jim Parrack, first appearing in S1 E1 entitled "Strange Love", Hoyt is Jason's best friend and works on the road crew along with him.

Hoyt Fortenberry told Jason about Sookie's fight with the Rattrays. Relaying the story to Sookie, Jason explains, "He went over to the Ratts to buy some weed and Denise drove up ready to kill someone she was so mad. The only way she would sell him some weed is if he would drive Mack to the hospital in Monroe."

Son of Maxine Fortenberry

Sweet, good-hearted and extremely shy around women.

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Jason's friend from childhood. Hoyt is more of a cypher than Rene. Not dark nor fair, not big nor little. Always seemed cheerful and tipped decent" as described by Sookie.

SInce their fight, the Ratts hadn't been back in Merlotte's, but Rene & Hoyt made sure Sookie knew they threatened her with horrible things.

Grandson of Maxine Fortenberry,
however it is mentioned in Dead as a Doornail that Hoyt's mother was a little overwhelming.

Sookie describes Hoyt as being the perfect complement to Jason. Admired Jason far beyond Jason deserved in Sookie's opinion.

DTTW: Jason's big buddy, big, beefy, and no rocket scientist.

DN: Upon hearing his thoughts, Sookie discovers that Hoyt was thinking about his mom's plan for him to put in about ten rose bushes in her already extensive garden. Gloomy, but obedient he was trying to figure out how much time the task would take.

FDTW: Hoyt is mentioned to be dating Holly.

Pamela Swinford De Beaufort Pam Ravenscroft
True Blood

Portrayed by Kristin Bauer, Pam, first appearing in S1 E4 entitled Escape From Dragon House", is Eric's second in command and co-owner of Fangtasia.

Was turned about 100 years ago.

Cynical and apparently devoid of feelings.

Portrayed as bisexual, but is more fond of women.

Can speak Swedish.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Pam is, as described by Sookie as having a round face with a chalky pale complexion, dark blue eyes and pale, straight blond hair "white as a magnolia petal". "Pam's round face & sweet features would have done credit to a milk maid" (Sookie's first impression of Pam at Fangtasia). LDID: Pam is a fan of twin sets, loafers, and very preppy style clothing. Looks like a young suburban housewife with a part time job at a preschool. Her style outside of Fangtasia is often described as "lethal soccer mom". She has a great sense of humor, very direct, a deadly fighter, and convinced vampires are better than humans. DN: He hair is a paler blond than Sookie's and very straight, her and Sookie both have blue eyes but hers are a lighter shade and rounded. Pam doesn't blink much. DEV: Pale straight hair. Pam was paler than her hair. Approximately 160 yrs old give or take a decade.

Pam informs Sookie that she has seen Maudette and Dawn both but had never been with them. She thinks Maudette was a pathetic creature.

LDID: Sensitive sort of individual with considerable business acumen.

CD: Pam tells Sookie that Bill is missing and that he has lied to her. She goes on to say that he has been in Mississippi the entire time and was due back last night. He was suppose to drive into Bon Temps, phone them at Fangtasia to let then know he had made it and meet with them that night. Pam tells Sookie that he had bad news for her.

DTTW: Upon hearing from Sookie about Eric's condition, Pam tells her tomorrow night she & Chow would come to her house and asks if she could keep him for the night.

DN: Pam was as close to a friend Sookie had among the vampires. As second in command, Pam's job was making sure all the visiting vampires were happy.
Formerly resided in Minnesota before Eric called her to Shreveport to help him run Fangtasia.

DEV: Pam had become vampire when Victoria was still a young queen; was a city girl. Grown up in London, England.

Was turned a vampire in England when she was 19 years old.

Terry Bellefleur
True Blood

Portrayed by Todd Lowe, Terry, first appearing S1 E2 entitled, "The First Taste"
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Andy & Portia's second cousin. Described as a veteran that existed narrowly on govt disability of some kind. Terry is red haired but when he needed to shave you can tell his whiskers were grey.
He spent a lot of time outside but his skin never exactly tanned, it got a rough reddened look which made the scars on his left cheek stand out more clearly. LDID: In his late 50's, had some obvious facial scarring, red headed, but greying a little more each month, brown eyes. DAAD: Greying, auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Sam calls Terry in to watch the bar while he talks to the police over at Dawn's place. Had a bad war in Vietnam. He'd been wounded, captured, and held prisoner for two years. Had thoughts most often so scary that Sookie took extra special care to stay out of his head. Terry had a hard life and acting normal was even harder for him than it was for Sookie. Terry didn't drink. Arlene had bedded Terry one night when she had been drinking and had according to her Terry had many scars on his body that were even worse thean the one on his cheek.

Terry Bellefleur filled in for Sam at Merlotte's the night of Bill's speech at the DGD meeting. Sookie tracked Jason down at Merlotte's giving Terry a message to give to him. When Terry had gotten back from telling Jason to come to his grandmother's house, Sookie also asked him if he could call Sam and tell him she had troubles and couldn't work for a few days.

LDID: Frequent substitute bar man or cook at Merlotte's. A Vietnam vet. he'd been a prisoner of war for a year and a half
Sookie had always been fond of Terry since he, from her perspective, always bent over backwards to be kind to her except when he was in one of his black moods. Everyone knows not to cross Terry when he is in one of his moods. Terry's dark days were inevitably preceeded by nightmares of the worst kind as his neighbors testified. They can hear Terry hollering on the nightmare nights. Sookie never read Terry's mind. Had no great love Holly or Danielle.

DTTW: Terry came in early in the mornings to sweep and mop the floor.

DAAD: Vietnam vet with a lot of physical and emotional scars, liked simple jobs that require concentration. Subsisted on government pension. Cleaned Merlotte's early in the morning along with a couple of other businesses. Fills in for Sam three or four times a month. Dealing with people exhausted Terry.
Jessica Hamby
True Blood

Portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll, Jessica is first seen appearing in S1 E10 entitled "I Don't Wanna Know".
While she was still human, Jessica is brought to a vampire trial. At this trial, the Magister (enforcer of vampire law) is reviewing the case of Bill Compton, who murdered another vampire to stop him from killing Sookie. The Magister decides that as a punishment for his deeds, Bill is to "create" a new vampire, and therefore presents him with the human Jessica. Bill is reluctant but unwillingly goes along with the sentence, draining the struggling Jessica of all her blood. She and Bill are burried underground together for one night by Pam. This process transforms Jessica into a vampire successfully, but she is under the reign of her "maker", Bill, to which she does not take kindly. Jessica has difficulty understanding what it means to be a vampire and initially cheers over her new-found freedom and enhanced abilities.

A young vampire so very hard to control and impulsive.

17 years old when turned, a rebellious teenager from a strict upbringing.

As seen in S2 E2, Mr. Hamby is in his late 40s – early 50s, stoic and intimidating and Mrs. Hamby, in her 40s – 50s, is Jessica’s grief-stricken and tearful mother, she appears on the news begging for information on Jessica’s whereabouts. Mrs. Hamby is an uncertain woman who completely submits to her husband’s decisions and can’t make a move without consulting him. Eden, 9 years old, is Jessica’s awkward sister.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

No such character exists in the book series.
Bud Dearborne
Bud Dearborn
True Blood

Portrayed by William Sanderson, first appearing S1 E1 entitled "Strange Love",

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Bud is the Parrish Sheriff. He is described as being a little older than Mike Spencer, but fit and tough, has thick grey hair, a mashed in face, and quick brown eyes. A smoker. LDID: Had a mashed in face like a human Pekingese and opaque, brown eyes.

He's an easy scan for Sookie. Has the reputation of being a good man and was good friend of Sookie's father. He and Mike Spencer are the first to respond to the investigation at Four Tracks Corner.

Has a daughter named Jean Anne in which he caught making out with Jason like crazy in the bed of Jason's pick up truck.
Adele "Gran" Hale Stackhouse
True Blood

Portrayed by Lois Smith, Adele referred to as "Gran" by Sookie and Jason, first appearing in S1 E1 entitled "Strange Love", is quiet and curious about Sookie's days at work; supportive in wanting her to have a boyfriend; very warm and loving. A member of the Descendants of the Glorious Dead.

Waiting for Sookie until she got home from work while reading in the kitchen, she took in the Sookie's meeting a vampire with great interest.

As Sookie puts on her makeup before work, Gran asks her whether she thinks Bill was around during the Civil War. The group would really love a first person account of the war. Sookie, amused, promises to ask.

Was found viciously murdered in the kitchen of her home by Sookie in S1 E5 entitled Sparks Fly Out.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Described in Dead Until Dark as being very small & very old, 78 yrs old, hair still thick and so white that it has the faintest of green tinges. Wears it rolled against her neck during the day, but at night it's loose or braided. Her great pleasures are reading Danielle Steele, watching her stories, and attending the meetings of the clubs she belonged to: Descendants of the Glorious Dead & Bon Temps Gardening Society.

When Sookie and Jason's parents died in a flash flood, it was Adele who took them in and raised them.

Quiet and curious about Sookie's days at work; supportive in wanting her to have a boyfriend; very warm and loving. Gran, waiting up for Sookie in her bedroom, was excited & curious about the news of Sookie's vampire customer and is interested in meeting him.
Adele enjoyed new things as much as Sookie did. She wasn’t one of those reactionaries who decided vampires were damned right off the bat.

Sookie and Jason both make salaries, but they also have a little income from a fund established when an oil well was sunk on their parents' property. It played out in a few years, but their parents and then Gran made sure the money was invested. That money saved them both a lot of struggle. Gran was determined not to sell any land, but her own income is not much more than social security.

The next day as Sookie puts on her makeup before work Gran asks her how old she thinks the vampire is and if she thinks he remembered the war with the idea of him speaking to the DGD. Sookie tells her she'll ask him the next time he comes in.

Evelee calls and tells Adele the news about the supposed tornado that touched down at Four Tracks Corner, crushing the Rattray's trailer and the couple inside it. Adele is excited to hear about Bill coming over to visit with she and Sookie and sets her sights on a "house proud" cleaning frenzy.

Bill informs Adele that Jonas Stackhouse, Gran's husband's great great great great grandfather, had moved to Bon Temps with his wife and four children when Bill was just a young man at the age of 16. He had a house slave and a yard slave. The house slave was a woman of middle age and the yard slave was a very big, young man named Minos. The Stackhouses, however, mostly worked their own field s as did the Comptons.

Before heading over to Dawn’s, Sookie lets Gran know where she is going. She didn’t seem to exactly understand what Sookie meant. Gran was getting a little more deaf every week. It was marvelous that she was so strong & healthy and her brain was as sound as bell.

After Sookie's evening with Sam, she enters the front door of the house to find all of the lights on. Gran doesn't respond to Sookie who starts searching the house for her whereabouts and also for the source of a faint copper odor. When she reaches the kitchen, she finds Gran dead from a vicious murder and the source of the copper odor, her blood.

Gran's funeral was the largest ever held in Renard Parrish. She was buried right next to Sookie & Jason's mother and father in their family plot in the ancient cemetery between the Compton's house and Gran's house.

As stipulated in her will Gran left her house, the 20 acres that surrounded it and the mineral rights to Sookie. Gran's money what there was was divided fairly among her and Jason. In order to retain full rights to Gran's house, Sookie had to give up her half of them home their parents lived in.

Adele had never used a credit card in her life and had never bought anything on time. Gran's car was 5 yrs old and had very little mileage.
Mack & Denise Rattray

True Blood

Portrayed by James Parks & Karina Logue, first appearing S1 E1 entitled "Strange Love", Mack & Denise are a local couple who deal drugs and have a reputation for being trouble.

After catching on to Bill being a vampire from Sookie's whispers, Mack with the help of his wife aim to appear empathetic towards any prejudice Bill may have faced all the while attempting to seduce and entice him.

Once they gain his trust, the couple lures him outside. Mack & Denise ensnare Bill using fine silver chains, which have burned their way into his skin, and begin draining him.

Sookie sneaks up on them and smacks Mack in the back with a silver linked chain. Mack turns on her with a knife and in haste Sookie swings the chain, which as if by magic, wraps itself around his neck. Picking up the knife Mack dropped, Sookie turns it on Denise telling her to leave without the blood. Denise tells Sookie "This aint over" and begins to take off with her struggling husband running behind after her. Making a last minute attempt for revenge, Denise floors the couple's red dented sports car in the direction of where Bill lies yelling out "I'll get you bitch!" as she takes off. Sookie aids him by shuffling to drag him out of the way.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Mack, first introduced in Dead Until Dark, advising Bill not to mind Sookie because she's crazy. Referred to as "the Ratt couple", Mack and his wife Denise had been in Merlotte's almost every night. From Sookie's perspective Mack & Denise had done their best to make her miserable every since they moved into the rented trailer at Four Tracks Corner. Referred to as "the Ratt couple", Mack and his wife Denise had been in Merlotte's almost every night. When they first came into the bar, out of boredom, Sookie read their minds. She found out they've been in jail (at that time she didn't find out why), heard Mack's nasty thoughts about her, and found out Denise had abandoned a baby two years ago years before that wasn't Mack's. They didn't tip either.

he couple owned a dented red sports car.

In Sookie's opinion, Denise wasn't truly pretty, but she was flashy and confident it took a while to figure that out.

The couple eventually move over to Bill's table and Denise flirts with him and attempts to seduce his blood lust.

Moving closer to the table, Sookie listened to their thoughts and discovers the Ratts had been in jail for vampire draining.

The couple eventually lure Bill outside. Once Sookie gets outside she sees that they have him bound by silver on the ground. They had already drained two vials of blood from him and had began fix a new vacu-tainer to the needle. Their backs were to her and enraged by Mack's contemptous dismissal and the fact that he never left her tip, she attacked him first. She leapt out from behind the pick up swung the chain and it thwacked across his back. He screamed and jumped up. After a glance Denise set about getting the third vacu-tainer plugged. Mack's hand dipped down to his boot and came up shining, he had a knife in his hand. She swung at him at the same time he slices at her arm and just misses her, but the chain on it's recoil wrapped around his skinny neck like a lover.

Mack’s yell of triumph turned into a gurgle. He dropped the knife and clawed at the links with both hands. Losing air, he dropped to his knees on the rough pavement, yanking the chain from Sookie’s hand. Sookie swoops down and picks up the knife, holding it like she knows how to use it. Denise had been lounging forward looking like a redneck witch in the lines and shadows of the security lights. She stopped in her tracks when she sees Sookie has Mack’s knife. She cursed and railed and said terrible things. Sookie waited until she’d run down before telling her to “Get out now”. Denise stared holes of hate in Sookie’s head. She tried to scoop of the vials of blood but Sookie hissed at her to leave them alone. Denise then pulls Mack to his feet. He was still making choking, gurgling sounds and holding the chain. Denise kinda dragged him along to their car and shoved him in through the passenger side. Yanking some keys from her pocket, Denise threw herself into the driver’s seat. Using their car as a means for a weapon, the red vehicle came roaring down at them. Denise missed them by less than a yard when she had to swerve to avoid hitting a pine.

SInce their fight, the Ratts hadn't been back in Merlotte's, but Rene & Hoyt made sure Sookie knew they threatened her with horrible things. She wasn't seriously alarmed. Criminal trash like the Ratts roamed the highways and trailer parks of America, not smart enough or moral enough to settle down to productive living. They never made a positive mark on the world or amounted to hill of beans to Sookie's way of thinking.

Rene Lenier
True Blood

Portrayed by Michael Raymond-James, first appearing in S1 E1 entitled, "Strange Love", Rene is Arlene's boyfriend and good friends with Jason and Hoyt. Works on the road crew.

Rene Lenier is introduced as a Cajun resident of Bon Temps, a co-worker and friend of Jason, and is the main antagonist of season 1. Initially, he is portrayed as a protagonist that approves of Sookie dating a vampire. He becomes engaged to Arlene and is widely respected in Bon Temps. However, Sookie soon comes to suspect that he is the perpetrator behind a series of murders involving women associated with vampires.
Rene's sister, Cindy, worked at Big Patty's Pie House. She finds out Rene, whose real name was Drew Marshall, had previously lived in Bunkie, LA, but fled the town after killing his sister Cindy, a "fangbanger". Now speaking with a trained Cajun accent and living under a fake identity, he used Jason as an unwitting source for knowledge about women who've slept with vampires. Towards the end of the season, some characters beside Sookie realize Rene is the murderer, hence when he ultimately comes after Sookie, both Sam and Bill jump to her rescue. Sookie kills Rene in self-defense.

Arlene later learns she is pregnant with his child and becomes greatly concerned over carrying an evil child.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Rene is small like Sam, sworthy, and has a head full of rough black bushy hair threaded with gray, short & slim. Has a weather beaten face and bright brown eyes. He played the role of crazy Cajun sometime though any Cajun accent he might assume was faked. His folks had let their heritage fade.

Had three ex wives, Arlene being his favorite.
Every woman he'd married had been hard living and wild.

Works on one of the road crews Jason oversaw and went to high school with Jason, his best friend. Has a tendency to gossip, but always willing to help when he sees the need.

Rene went over to the Rattray's to buy him some weed and Denise drove up like she wanted to kill someone she was so mad. He helped her get Mack into the trailer and then they took him to the hospital in Monroe, LA.

SInce their fight, the Ratts hadn't been back in Merlotte's, but Rene & Hoyt made sure Sookie knew they threatened her with horrible things.

Rene defends Sookie one night at Merlotte's when a patron attempts to slip his hand up her shorts. He claims he didn't want anyone hurting Arlene's friend and that Merlotte's was a nice place and that he wanted to keep it nice. Also she reminded him of his sister, Cindy, who works at a hospital cafeteria.

When Sookie goes over to check on Dawn, Rene is standing awkwardly by his truck across the street. Upon discovering Dawn's condition, she yells for him to call the police & Sam.

Tired of her own thoughts, Sookie dropped her guard to listen to the thoughts of others. Rene was wishing someone would come get the body out of the house. He was hoping no one knew he'd slept with Dawn. Sookie couldn't spell out his thoughts exactly; very black & snarled, very agitated.

Despite his tendency to gossip, Rene had always been one to help where he saw a need. Rene had come out to the house to help Jason hang Gran's porch swing.

Through Sookie's ability we are informed that he had slept with Dawn Green. His thought were very black and snarled.
Maudette Pickens
True Blood

Portrayed by Danielle Sapia, Maudette, first appearing in S1 E1 entitled "Strange Love", is a sex partner of Jason's until he discovers she's a fangbanger. Maudette explains that she had sex with a vampire once when she was broke and that he paid her a $1000 to bite her. The experience was scary to her because the vampire was way too rough for her although she does enjoy rough sex sometimes. She the attempts to regain his interests by tempting him to watch a video of her having sex with a vampire.

The couple re-enact the encounter with Maudette ultimately faking her death, causing Jason to flee the scene.

Maudette is actually found dead by strangulation the next day. Over lunch, Gran gets a call from Evelee Mason who tells her about Maudette's death in which then she tells Jason and Sookie.

Jason is called in for questioning about Maudette's death immediately due to their sexual encounter the night before and the tape of them in the act she secretly recorded.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Maudette is described as having a heavy jaw, square bottom, pretty black hair, and husky shoulders. Graduated in the same class as Sookie, never bright or ambitious.Worked at least a year at the Grabb it Qwik, a gas station convenient store. Applied for a job with Sam three months before her death.

Maudette is initially mentioned after her death by Jason while visiting with/ catching up on the town gossip, he tells Gran and Sookie about it. She was found in her bedroom. Her boss tried to call her to find out why she hadn't been to work that day and the day before, but got no answer. So he rode over and got the manager to open the place.

As further explained by Jason, Maudette had the apartment across from Deanne, a fling of Jason's. She had bite marks on her inner thigh, but the strangulation killed her. Deanne told Jason that she liked to go to that vampire bar in Shreveport, LA when she had a couple of days off.

On the defensive of Gran Sookie questions about how well he knew her, Jason explains that "Maudette just liked to have a good time and that she wasn't a pro". He thinks she was kinda lonely.

Jason isn't initially looked at as a suspect in her case. However with their questions, Gran & Sookie raise light to the fact that Jason could possibly be questioned. Due to his seeming routine purchase of gas at the Grabb It, him bedding Maudette at some point in time, and her being being murdered in an apartment he was familiar with. On the defensive, Jason explains that "Maudette just liked to have a good time and that she wasn't a pro". He thinks she was kinda lonely. He is however the only one questioned. We don't learn of a video between her and Jason until much later.

Autopsy reports from the vampire trio finally proved that they had their full complement of blood when they were killed. Furthermore, the bite marks on Maudette & Dawn had not only looked old they were proved to be old. The cause of their deaths was strangulation. Maudette & Dawn had sex before they died and afterward.
Dawn Green
True Blood

Portrayed by Lynn Collins, first appearing in S1 E1 "Strange Love", Dawn is a barmaid at Merlotte's. Dawn is Sookie's co-worker, previously in a relationship with Jason. She briefly attempts to rekindle her relationship with him, but after he criticizes her after finding out she slept with a vampire, she forces him out of her house at gunpoint. Shortly thereafter, Sookie discovers her strangled body. It is later confirmed she was murdered by Rene Lenier, who targeted fangbangers, women who had slept with vampires.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, a fellow waitress of Sookie's at Merlotte's. She's on the outs with Jason, but she still want him to notice her.

From Sookie's perspective, Dawn wasn't too crazy about her. She was convinced that Sookie read her mind and told Jason something she had been thinking about him which caused him to break up with her.

Sam calls Sookie
to ask if she would go check on Dawn since she hadn't come into work or answered her phone. Dawn lived in one of the duplexes on Barry Street owned by Sam and had a green compact car. When Sookie goes by, Rene is standing awkwardly standing by his truck across the street. Sookie is able to see through the slats of the blinds that she was in bed on her back. The bed clothes were tossed around wildly, her legs were spraddled, her face was swollen and discolored and her tongue protruded from her mouth and there were flies crawling on it. Upon discovering Dawn's condition, she yells for him to call the police & Sam.

Upon being questioned by Detective Andy Bellefleur, Sookie reveals that Dawn and Sam were not close. From time to time she had heard thoughts that indicated if she didn't hate Sam, Dawn sure as hell was not fond of him. She goes on to further explain that she and Dawn were not friendly because they didn't have anything in common. When asked for an example, Sookie tells Andy that Dawn had a real active social life and liked to be with men. She wasn't too crazy about spending time with women. Her family is from Monroe, LA so she didn't have family ties in Bon Temps. She drank and didn't read as a pasttime
as Sookie did.

Once intimate with, JB DuRone revealed that Dawn enjoyed rough sex and that she liked men to bite and hit her.

Sam informs Sookie upon his return from being questioned that Dawn was strangled after being beaten up a little and had some old tooth marks like Maudette.

When Sookie asks Longshadow questions, showing him Dawn and Maudette's pictures, he informs her pointing at Dawn's picture that "she wanted
to die". When

Eric informs Sookie that he had been with Dawn and that she liked pain.

Autopsy reports from the vampire trio finally proved that they had their full complement of blood when they were killed. Furthermore, the bite marks on Maudette & Dawn had not only looked old they were proved to be old. The cause of their deaths was strangulation. Maudette & Dawn had sex before they died and afterward.
Mike Spencer
True Blood

Portrayed by Joe Billingsley, Mike, first appearing in S1 E2, entitled "The First Taste", is the Parrish coroner and owner of funeral home
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, funeral director of Spencer & Sons funeral home and Parrish coroner. Described as being a heavy middle age man with hair mustache the color of wheat tea. Has a fondness of cowboy boots and string ties.

As Mike was always quick and definite in pointing out "anyone who wanted could be buried by Spencer & Sons funeral home but only white people seem to want to".

LDID: Had a heavy hand on local affairs and was a good friend of Bud's. A seemingly upright citizen, Mike becomes involved in group sex parties and is directly responsible for the death of Lafayette Reynold, along with partyer Tom Hardaway. Mike succumbs to the maenad Callisto's madness when she is drawn to their orgy. Lafayette's belongings are later found in his car.
Lettie Mae Thornton
Myrna Thornton
True Blood

Portrayed by Adina Porter, Lettie Mae Thornton is Tara's abusive, alcoholic mother. In S1 E7 entitled "Burning House of Love", Lettie Mae convinces Tara to fund an exorcism to expel a demon that she is convinced lives inside her. She blames the demon for her actions, claiming he targeted her for her closeness with Jesus. Tara reluctantly agrees to pay for Lettie Mae's exorcism, after which Lettie Mae visually " and mentally improves and develops into a faithful member of the local Christian community. The woman that performed the exorcism, Miss Jeanette, is exposed as a fraud and later killed by Maryann, but Lettie Mae refuses to believe her exorcism was unreal. In the second season, she assists her gay nephew Lafayette in taking Tara away from Maryann's detrimental influence but is later manipulated by Tara, who wants to go and save Eggs from Maryann, and holds a gun on Lafayette and Sookie while Tara runs to help him. This dissolved the short truce she had with Lafayette who was visibly scared during the experience due to the shock of his torture at the hands of Eric the vampire. In the third season, Lettie Mae is oblivious to a suicide attempt of her daughter as she happily "converses" with the reverend who had come by to speak religiously with Tara. When Tara pays her mother a visit on her way to leave Bon Temps for good, she discovers Lettie Mae is having an affair with her church's married reverend who had previous appeared apprehensive of her subtle advances. Lettie Mae's sister is Lafayette's mother. She comments to Tara that she pities her for having to raise a sexual deviant, which is the only reference she makes to her sister in the series.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Tara's parents, mentioned in Club Dead, were both evil alcoholics & abusers. Her mother's name is Myrna. Tara's brother and sisters had left home as fast as they could leaving Tara, the youngest. Tara's parents are long dead before the series begins. Dead to the World, Myrna and her husband (no name given), were both abusive alcoholics who put their children including Tara through hell.
Diane, Malcolm, & Liam
True Blood

Portrayed by Aunjanue Ellis (Diane), Andrew Rothenberg (Malcolm), and Graham Shiels (Liam), first appearing in S1 E1 "Strange Love" (Liam) and in S1 E2 "The First Taste" Liam, Malcolm, and Diane are vampire acquaintances of Bill Compton who live together in a "nest" (a small coterie of vampires; living together in this way often makes the members more brutal and callous about human life) and come to live in Bon Temps. They all despise mainstreaming and have no regard for human life. Malcolm is the oldest of the three; indeed, he is older than Bill, and assumes a leadership role in the nest. He likes to party and has a human lover named Jerry. Sookie discovers, telepathically, that Jerry has hepatitis D and is trying to infect the nest. Liam pays Maudette Pickens a large sum of money to have sex with her, and is videotaped in the act. Diane slept with Bill shortly after she was turned in the 1930s, and has been trying to seduce him ever since.

In S1 E3 entitled "Mine", Bill visits the vampires at their nest to demand that they leave Sookie alone. Hinting at powerful allies they would do well to heed, Bill seems to accomplish his task. The evil vampires don't miss the opportunity to criticize him for mainstreaming, though, and when Bill spots the draining corpse of the human woman who'd been at his house, their point is underscored.

All three vampires are killed in a fire set by Royce Williams and his associates, Chuck and Wayne. Sookie initially thinks Bill was caught in the fire as well.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Diane: 5'11", black, female, and to Sookie "she glowed like crazy". When Sookie encounters her she is dressed in spandex, a flamingo pink exercise bra with matching calf length leggings, with a men's dress shirt unbuttoned worn on top. Sookie noted her having slim, brown, beautiful shoulders. Also thought she looked cheap as hell, but absolutely mouth-watering from a male's perspective. Vampire from Monroe, LA, Diane doesn't care about mainstreaming and takes pains to offend humans while visiting old acquaintance Bill in Bon Temps.

Malcolm: male, white, taller than Diane, maybe 6'4". Had a head of dark, long, rippling hair and a magnificent build.

Liam: male, white, buzz cut, with tattoos on every visible part of skin.

Nest has been together for 50 years. The trio owned a white Lincoln Continental with a dark blue top. Their car had a blue on white bumper sticker that read "Vampires Suck", a red & yellow one that stated "Honk if you're a blood donor" and a vanity plate that read: FANGS1

Bill explains to Sookie that when vampires live in nests they often become more cruel because they egg each other on. They see others like themselves constantly and so they are reminded of how far from being human they are. They become laws onto themselves.

Autopsy reports from the vampire trio finally proved that they had their full complement of blood when they were killed. Furthermore, the bite marks on Maudette & Dawn had not only looked old they were proved to be old. The cause of their deaths was strangulation.

Janella Lenox
True Blood

Portrayed by , Janella first appears in S1 E3 entitled "Mine".
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Janella is described as being blond and plump, 35 yrs old or older, and wearing a pound too much of make up. By Sookie's estimation she looked as worn as an old boot. Janella had worked at Merlotte's for two weeks until Sam fired her. She moved to Monroe, LA according to Arlene and was now the human companion of Liam.


True Blood

Portrayed by Nicholas Gonzales, Jerry first appears in S1 E3 entitled "Mine". He is the human lover of Malcolm. When he was brought to Bill's home along with Malcolm, Liam, Diane, and another fangbanger, Janella. Bill is tempted to feed on Jerry, but just as Bill was about to bite him, Sookie overheard Jerry"s thoughts about his Hep D. Sookie blurts out the information alerting Bill and the other vampires. Jerry leaps onto Sookie choking her which Bill in turn breaks his wrist to free her. The three vampires leave with Jerry, now unconscious, with Janella in tow.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Jerry is the human companion of Malcolm. Sookie describes Jerry as being lovely and the prettiest man that Sookie had ever seen. He couldn't have been more than 21 years old, sworthy, maybe Hispanic, small, fine boned, and wore make up also.

Upon reading his mind, Sookie is able to find out that Jerry was infected with Sino-AIDS by a lover who leaves him for a vampire, a lover in which Jerry ultimately murders in a fit of rage. In turn Jerry seeks to infect as many vampires as he can for revenge. He attacks Sookie when she reveals his duplicity and Bill breaks his wrist. The vampire trio takes Jerry home to be dealt with privately. Thereafter he is presumed to be dead.

Maxine Fortenberry
True Blood

Portrayed by Dale Raoul, first appearing in S1 E4 entitled, "Escape From Dragon House", Maxine is a resident of Bon Temps and the mother of Hoyt Fortenberry. She's characterized by her over-protective and possessive relationship with her son and (despite his age) treats him as though he's a child. She is threatened by any other women in his life, and he still lives at home with her despite being in his late 20s. In the first season, she appears to be open-minded toward vampires: she is concerned that Bill Compton will be injured in the presence of a cross and wants to have her picture taken with him. In the second season, when Hoyt introduces her to Jessica Hamby, she becomes vociferously resentful of vampires. When she first meets Jessica, she blatantly tells her that she disapproves of her son having a relationship with a vampire. Maxine is among the many residents of Bon Temps that fall under Maryann's influence. While possessed, she reveals to Hoyt that his father's death was actually a suicide and she fraudulently claimed he was killed fighting a robber in order to collect the insurance. In the third season episode "Fresh Blood", its is revealed that Maxine pushed the girl Summer to date Hoyt to make him forget Jessica. Despite Hoyt's reunion with Jessica, Maxine is determined to get Hoyt and Summer together. Maxine and Summer try in vain to change Hoyt's mind. Maxine is later seen at a gun store buying a rifle.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Maxine is described as being Hoyt's grandmother, a massive, heavy faced, bulky, square, solid woman

President of The Descendants of the Glorious Dead

In the days following Gran's death, Maxine had brought over deviled eggs and ham salad and attempted to be extra helpful by cleaning the kitchen. She made small talk with Sookie about whether or not she would want to move with Adele's murder happening right there and the neighborhood outlook on Bill since the DGD meeting. She's glad he spoke at the meeting. Bill, apparently, at the funeral home told Maxine that he had finally gotten his kitchen finished.

ATD: In her late 50s, stout, & hardy. Had been a second mother to Jason who is Hoyt's best friend.

FDTW: Maxine is married to man named Ed and Hoyt is her son. A good friend to Adele. but more the age Sookie's father would have been.
Kevin Ellis Kevin Pryor
True Blood

Portrayed by John Rezig, first appearing in S1 E4 entitled "Escape From Dragon House", Kevin Ellis is a deputy sheriff in Bon Temps and a minor character that first appears during the investigation of Dawn Green's murder in the first season. He also appears during the second season as one of the many residents of Bon Temp under Maryann's influence. In season three, Kevin is attacked when responding to a distress call in the middle of the night and almost killed. Jason and Crystal know that the person who attacked Kevin is Crystal's fiance from Hot Shot.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Kevin is described as possibly made it up 5'8", with freckles over every visible inch of his pale body, and had the narrow fatless build of a runner. Club Dead: A runner so he has almost no body fat, and he's not a big guy. Dead to the World: As pale and thin as Kenya was dark and rounded.

Partnered with Kenya Jones on the Bon Temps Police force. Oddly enough the two K's got along very well although they'd had some memorable quarrels. He and Kenya respond to the call made by Rene to Dawn's place.
Tired of her own thoughts, Sookie dropped her guard to listen to the thoughts of others. Kevin was thinking he and Kenya better not botch any evidence and he was glad no one knew he had ever slept with Dawn. He was furious someone had killed a woman he knew and was hoping it wasn't a black man because that would make his relationship with Kenya even more tense.

CD: According to Sookie he looks like a sheep and he still lives with his mom, but for all that he's nobody's fool.

DTTW: Kenya ate lunch pretty regularly at Merlotte's with her partner, Kevin. Sookie discovers through their thoughts that Kenya & Kevin love each other.
True Blood

Portrayed by Raoul Trujillo, first appearing in S1 E4 entitled "Escape From Dragon House", Longshadow is a bartender and business partner to Eric and Pam at Fangtasia.

Stole $60,000 from the bar.

Killed by Bill in the main bar area after attacking Sookie when his betrayal is discovered.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, described as an American Indian, with long coal black straight hair, a craggy nose, a straight line of a mouth, and a whippy build.

Bartender at Fangtasia and has known Eric and Pam for 100 yrs.

Stole $60,000 from the bar. Was killed by Eric in Eric's office after attacking Sookie when his betrayal is discovered.

When Sookie observes that as vampires, they must have plenty of money and asks why Longshadow would steal money from them. Bill explains he must have had some venture he needed the capital for and he was inf was in a mainstreaming position. He couldn't just go out and kill a bank manager after hypnotizing him and persuading the man to give him the money, so he took it from Eric. If he wouldn't have been too proud to ask Eric for it, he would have loaned it to him.

DAAD: Longshadow's sire was an American Indian vampire by the name of Hot Rain. When Eric staked Longshadow, he had to pay a huge fine to Hot Rain. The arbitrator set the price, but he still wasn't satisfied.
Jane Bodehouse

True Blood

Portrayed by Patricia Bethune, first appearing in S1 E2 entitled "The First Taste",

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Club Dead, described as in her 50s, lack of regular sleep and proper nutrition had taken a toll the past ten years. Jane is a regular customer at Merlotte's and an alcoholic. Normally Jane drank by herself at home but every two weeks or so she'd take it into her head to come in and pick up a man.
Coby & LIsa Fowler
True Blood

Portrayed by Alec Gray & Laurel Weber, first appearing in S1 E5 entitled "Sparks Fly Out",
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Mayor Sterling Norris

True Blood

Portrayed by William Schallert, first appearing in S1 E5 entitled "Sparks Fly Out",

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Mayor Norris is a long time friend of Adele and the mayor of Bon Temps. He was the greeter at the DGD meeting.
Lorena Krasiki
Lorena Ball
True Blood

Portrayed by Mariana Klaveno, first appearing in S1 E5 entitled "Sparks Fly Out", Lorena is Bill's maker. Turns Bill in 1865 during his travel home. Bill, fresh from the field of battle in the 1860s, came to her small house in the woods seeking assistance. Pretending to be a lone widower at the time to seduce men and then feed on them she let him in and proceeded to seduce him, when he refused her advances she attacked him and after becoming intrigued by him eventually turned him into a vampire. A lonely yet malevolent being, Lorena quickly becomes emotionally dependent on Bill. Through her influence he becomes a crazed killer and together they revel in the torture of humans before draining them of their blood, often having sex as their victims bleed to death watching. When Bill realizes the monster he has become he forces Lorena to release him and leaves her.

In S2 E6, the two do not meet again for over 70 years when Eric summons Lorena to Dallas to distract Bill from Sookie. In his desperation to find Godric, Eric schemes with her to hold Bill captive while Sookie infiltrates the Fellowship of the Sun so that he cannot interfere. Her love and longing for Bill has intensified over the years and as she holds him captive the two share memories of their twisted past together. Bill eventually escapes after hitting her over the head with a plasma television. Lorena makes an appearance at the party after Godric is freed from the Fellowship of the Sun and challenges Sookie who aggressively defends her relationship with Bill and warns Lorena off him. When she tries to attack Sookie she is stopped by Godric who again comments on her old age and how she has not bettered herself in all that time he then orders her to leave his area which she begrudgingly does but not before an emotional departing with Bill outside.

In S3, Bill is captured by Russell Edgington. At the time she appears to have been living as a guest in Russell's mansion. Upon seeing Lorena Bill becomes enraged and hurls a lamp at her, bursting her into flames. Lorena of course survives this. Russell leaves Bill to Lorena and though at first Bill resists her advances, the two end up having very violent sex in which he twists her neck 180 degrees. After this he calls Sookie and ends their relationship though he did so only to protect her and delude Lorena who believes he has returned to her. Eventually Bill's deception becomes apparent and she resolves to kill him due her instruction from Russell. She spends a lengthy and very emotional time torturing him in the servants house in the mansion grounds before allowing werewolves, Debbie & Coot, to feed on his blood.
In S3 E7 entitled "Hitting the Ground", in the slave quarters of Russell's mansion, Lorena drinks deeply from the wound she's opened in Sookie's throat. Lorena is shocked at how delicious the blood tastes, but before she can savor it, a heavily drained Bill wraps his silver chains around her neck, giving Sookie the opening to stake his maker. She drives a piece of wood through Lorena's chest, turning the vampire into a wave of viscera that crashes down onto Bill. Turned by Istva'n.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Club Dead, described as being 300 years old, blond, brown eyes, and a tiny woman, smaller build than Sookie. Bill's maker and one upon a time lover. Turns Bill in 1865.

In CD, summons Bill to Mississippi after learning of his profitable vampire database. When she cannot seduce its location from him, she resorts to holding him captive and torture to get not only his secret project for the queen of Louisiana but also the name of the woman Bill is involved with. Lorena attacks Sookie while she is rescuing Bill and meets her final death.

Lorena was working as a prostitute in New Orleans when she meets vampire Solomon Brunswick in 1788. Fascinated when Solomon drains a customer whose throat she slit for not paying, she has him turn her and travels with him for a time. She eventually betrays her sire, pretending to be human when she is caught with a dead child she has drained and blames the death on Solomon. They go their separate ways.

Lorena sees Bill after he returns home from the Civil War and falls in love as she spies on him and his family. She takes him by surprise one night and fakes his death so that she can have him as a companion and lover. She compels him to stay with her, even going as far as to create a companion for him by turning a woman who resembles his wife. She finally allows her children to leave her.
Uncle Bartlett

True Blood

Portrayed by , first appearing in S1 E6 entitled "

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Bartlett is Adele's brother

Amy Burley

True Blood

Portrayed by Lizzy Caplan, first appearing in S1 E7, entitled "Burning House of Love", where she meets Jason Stackhouse at Fangtasia.

Amy overhears Jason's clumsy and deadly attempt to buy V from Longshadow and steps in to save him. She drags him aside and intimates that she has V, but if he mentions it in the bar, he'll get them both killed. They end up at Jason's house, where he has to sit through Amy's speech about Gaea and oneness with the Earth before snorting up a crushed aspirin laced with vamp blood.

Their experience was so intense for the both of them that Jason tells her that he does not want her to leave. She teaches Jason to pace their usage implying "they will need some more until they need some more".

After an uneasy day at work, Amy is agitated and is in desperate need of V. She falsely leads Jason to kidnap Lafayette's V supplier (Eddie-an actual vampire) in S1 E8 entitled "The Fourth Man in the Fire". They go on to hold him prisoner in Jason's basement in S1 E9 entitled "Plaisir D'amour" although Jason is reluctant.

She ends up staking the vampire in S1 E , entitled ""after Jason puts his foot down on releasing the creature. Jason's feelings for her change after this.

In S1 E, entitled "" Amy is then the final fatality of S1 for the serial killer that has been murdering the town's reported fangbangers when she and Jason 'close the circle' and ingest their last dose of V together.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Amy is mentioned very briefly in Dead Until Dark as a potential replacement for Dawn at Merlotte's, subs at the Good Times bar.

The morning Sookie discovers Sam's "condition", Andy later comes by Sookie's house and she plucks from his head the news of Amy's death.

Jason bedded Amy the night she was killed and made a sex tape with him therefore implicating Jason in her murder.

True Blood

Portrayed by Tara Buck, first appearing in S1 E8, "The Fourth Man in the Fire", Ginger

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Ginger is

True Blood

Portrayed by Patrick Gallagher, first appearing in S1 E9 entitled "Plaisir D'amour", Chow is introduced as Longshadow's replacement.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, Chow is described as being Asian, has a small build, but is powerful vampire with longish black hair, no more than 5'7", every visible inch of his skin (except for his face) covered with Yakuza tattoos

Replacement for Longshadow at Fangtasia as bartender, owed Eric fealty and served for him while he resided in his area.

DTTW: When given Hallow's terms by the young witch acting as messenger, he angrily attacks, causing the spell attached to the witch to activate and poofing Eric from the office. Chow is later killed by a witch with a wooden knife when fighting against the witches coven.
Kenya Jones
True Blood

Portrayed by Tanya Wright, first appearing in S1 E11 "To Love is to Bury", Kenya Jones is introduced during the first season; she works as a sheriff's deputy on the Bon Temps Police Department. The character first appears when she is called to the scene of Tara's car accident and arrests her for driving under the influence. She appears to be familiar with both Lettie Mae Thornton and Maryann, as well as Tara. Kenya appears to show a dislike towards Andy Bellefleur and begins working more closely with Sheriff Dearborn when Andy is removed from the force. In S3 she is shown to be frustrated when Andy is made sheriff and disapproves when he allows Jason Stackhouse to work in the police department.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Kenya is described as being at least 5'11", the color of bitter chocolate and built to weather hurricanes. Dead to the World: Compared to Kevin, he
was as pale and thin as she was dark and rounded.

Partner to Kevin Pryor on the Bon Temps police force.
Oddly enough the two K's got along very well although they'd had some memorable quarrels. She and Kevin respond to the call Rene made concerning Dawn at Sookie's request.

Tired of her own thoughts, Sookie dropped her guard to listen to the thoughts of others. Kenya was thinking of everything she and Kevin needed to do to keep the investigation as textbook perfect as Bon Temps Patrol officers could. She was also thinking she heard bad things about Dawn and her liking for rough sex, and that it was no surprise Dawn met a bad end though she felt sorry for anyone who ended up with flies crawling on her face. She was thinking she was sorry she had eaten that extra donut that morning at the Nut Hut because it might come back up and that would shame her as a black woman police officer.

DTTW: Kenya ate lunch pretty regularly at Merlotte's with her partner, Kevin. Kenya's wish for the new year is always to wish peace between men & women, which would make her job a lot easier. Her resolution is to bench press 140lbs.
Sookie discovers through their thoughts that Kenya & Kevin love each other.
Maryann Forrester Callisto
True Blood

Portrayed by Michelle Forbes, Maryann first appearing in S1 E10 entitled, "I Don't Wanna Know", is a wealthy, mysterious woman who claims to be a "social worker".

Wants to sacrifice Sam

Supposedly, summoned by Tara during her exorcism by Miss Jeanette.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, when Sookie first sees her she sees a woman (supernatural) wearing almost nothing with long, snarled hair (an indeterminate dark in the uncertain light). She had a kind of shift on, but it was short, ragged, and stained. She was barefoot and had blood around her mouth and teeth. Along with her was a razorback ferrell hog and she carried a stick (thersus) or wand in her left hand with a tuft or something on its end. Identifies herself to Sookie as a maenad.

Callisto arrives in Bon Temps seeking those who provide and enjoy drink and pleasures of the flesh.

Attacks Sookie in the woods. She scratches her viciously on her back ultimately poisoning her to send a message to Eric Northman demanding tribute.

During her wandering in the woods, Callisto encounters Sam in his collie form and the two have a brief fling.

From what Sookie understands a maenad is a wild female that lived in nature, driven mad by the god Bacchus. Chow further explains "the god entered some women so completely that they became immortal or very close to it. Bacchus was the "god of the grape" so bars are very interesting to them. So interesting they don't like other creatures of the darkness becoming involved. Maenads consider the violence sparked by the consumption of alcohol belongs to them and that's what they feed off of since no one formally worships their god. They are attracted to pride.
Although Eric sacrifices a bull to her, she is not satisfied. When the orgy held at Jan Fowler's lake house, Callisto is attracted to the lust and drunkenness and arrives to take her own tribute, sending her madness into the party goers, destroying them. Sated, she bids a fond farewell to Sam and continues on her way.
Benedict "Eggs" Talley
True Blood

Portrayed by Mechad Brooks first appearing as a guest of Maryann Forrester's taken in under the pretense of rebuilding his life in S1 E12, entitled "You'll Be the Death of Me".

Gradually begins a romantic relationship with Tara Thornton.
Revealed to be a victim of Maryann's influence and is used as a minion to do her bidding.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead In Dallas, Eggs is a Bon Temp native and Tara Thornton's fiance'.

A participant of the sex parties hosted by Mike Spencer.

Falls under maenad's influence, but survives the encounter.

Presumed that relationship with Tara ended at the the end of Living Dead in Dallas.

DAAD: Eggs is mentioned to have died in a fire due to his heavy drinking problem.
Steve G. Newlin

True Blood

Portrayed by Michael McMillian, first appearing in S1 E3 entitled "Mine", Steve is the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead In Dallas, Steve is the director of the FotS, described as having hair almost the same dark brown as his wife's with a thread of grey, tall, lanky and head didn't seem to quite big enough for his body. Hazy blue eyes and nose on the beaky side.

He appears to be a very religious, God fearing person with an underlining hatred for vampires.

In LDID, Sarah is Steve's right hand man and knows everything that goes on.

Daphne Landry Pig
True Blood

Portrayed by Ashley Jones first appearing in S2 E1 entitled "Nothing but the Blood", Late 20s / early 30s – Daphne is sexy and down to earth, a real country girl, not the greatest waitress, but Sam Merlotte couldn’t care less, once he gets to know her better. Common sense, no-nonsense, funny, definitely not neurotic. Daphne Landry is a waitress hired at Merlotte's when Sookie Stackhouse leaves for Dallas in season two. She claims to have some experience working at the Cracker Barrel in Alexandria, Louisiana during her interview, though (despite an obvious effort) she proves to be consistently inept in accomplishing what's expected of her as a waitress. She is shown to have strange claw marks on her back that are eventually revealed to be a trademark of Maryann Forrester's; the marks are also found on Miss Jeanette's corpse and inflicted on Sookie early in season two. After tentatively flirting with Sam Merlotte, she reveals that not only does she know that he's a shapeshifter, but that she's a shapeshifter as well. The two begin a romance soon after, but when Daphne lures Sam to one of Maryann's bacchanalia, it becomes clear that their relationship was all a plan to trap Sam for her mistress. As Daphne is unable to secure Sam as a sacrifice, a possessed "Eggs" Talley carves out her heart at Maryann's command instead.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

There is no such character in the series, however, in Living Dead in Dallas
Sarah Newlin
True Blood

Portrayed by Anna Camp, first appearing in S2 E1 entitled,"Nothing But the Blood", Sarah is in her late 20s – bright, pretty, cheerful wife of Fellowship of the Sun head, Minister Steve Newlin. Sarah is an example of the new “hip” evangelical movement, hates vampires with a passion, deeply believes in her mission, her marriage, her country and her church. very feminine, but down-to-earth, also with a healthy appetite for life’s many pleasures… as she sees it, it’s all part of God’s gift to us.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, Sarah is described as in her 40's, pleasant looking, lovely skin, short brown hair, lower lip slightly pouty. Has a pleasantly round body. She is the wife of Steve Newlin, the leader of the FotS.

Sid Matt Lancaster

True Blood

Portrayed by George Gerdes, first apprearing in S2 E1 entitled, "Nothing But thre Blood", Sid Matt is a small, fatherly-looking man in his 60s. He is the Stackhouse family lawyer, who arrives at Sookie’s house unexpectedly. Obviously distraught, he’s sad to be the bearer of bad news.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead Until Dark, Sidney Matthew Lancaster is a native son and whiskey sour drinker. Had the reputation of being the most aggressive trial lawyer in the Parrish. Always treated Sookie with respect when she served him at the bar.

Dr. Ludwig

True Blood

Portrayed by Marcia de Rousse, first appearing in S2 E3 entitled "Scratches", Dr. Ludwig is a female little person. She is a no-nonsense, take-charge medical healer who tends to a severely wounded Sookie. Clearly disdainful of Eric, Dr. Ludwig is “no fan of the fang”, but tolerates vampires as their blood is of great value to her profession.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, Dr. Ludwig is described as being a dwarf, wearing a pair of white pants and a tunic, has a face that is full of her nose, olive skin, hair golden brown and course, thick and wavy and wore it clipped fairly short. She puts Sookie in the mind of a hobbit and has a surprisingly deep voice.

Dr. Ludwig first encounters Sookie when summoned to treat her after Callisto's attack. Sookie is appalled when Dr. Ludwig licks the maenad's poison from her back, but the good doctor knows best. After a massive blood transfusion, Sookie is healed with minimal scarring.

DAAD: Sookie and Dr. Ludwig meet again during the packmaster contest.

DD: When Crystal suffers a miscarriage Jason calls Sookie in which she calls Dr. Ludwig for help.

DAG: It is to her hospital for supernatural patients that Sookie is taken after her rescue from Lochlan and Neave, and it is here that the final confrontation between Niall and Breandan takes place.

Barry "The Bellboy"
Barry "The Bellboy" Horowitz
True Blood

Portrayed by Chris Coy first appearing in S2 E4 entitled "Shake and Fingerpop",
this uniformed, 19-year-old bellboy at a Dallas hotel, Hotel Carmilla, brings Sookie and Jessica room service (a handsome guy to feed off of). To Sookie’s surprise, Barry can read her mind, and he grows increasingly freaked out as they communicate silently. Sookie discovers that he is also a telepath. He is terrified of anyone learning that he is a telepath, and refuses to communicate with her. Nevertheless, when Sookie calls for his help telepathically when the Fellowship of the Sun captures her, he does help her. Lorena briefly feeds from Barry, stopping when she realizes that his blood tastes different from other humans. This distracts Lorena long enough for Bill to attack her and knock her unconscious with a plasma television. Bill then helps Barry escape.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, a bellboy at the Silent Shore hotel and telepath, at least 18 yrs old.

In denial about his telepathy and has yet to control it
. Sookie quickly notices that he is telepathic, but he does not want anyone to know about his abilities, despite Sookie's joy at meeting him, as she had never before encountered another telepath. He is inadvertently "outed" by Sookie when she calls upon him telepathically to rescue her from her kidnapping by the Fellowship of the Sun.

ATD: Sookie meets him again at the Vampire Summit conference in the seventh novel, All Together Dead. She finds him to be more confident. Now he is known as "Barry Bellboy" and currently works for the King of Texas, Stan Davis. Barry enjoys money and buys himself designer clothes. He admits to fantasizing about being in a romantic relationship with Sookie, but he realizes that is not to be when they meet again at the Summit, and he ends up being wary of Sookie and some of the things she has done. He is the first to discover the plot to bomb the hotel where the summit is held. After the devastating explosion, he and Sookie help rescue workers search for survivors in the rubble. The two discover that when they hold hands, their telepathic abilities are magnified. At the end of this novel, they part on rocky terms because of the differences in their moral and ethical beliefs.
True Blood

Portrayed by Allan Hyde, first appearing in S2 E5 entitled "Never Let Me Go", Godric is Sheriff of Area 9 in Texas and over 2,000 years old, but looks 15, he is an ancient vampire. Small in stature and youthful appearing, but able to project intense power and wisdom. He is also Eric's maker.

He is depicted as being friendly toward humans, interested in their well-being, and supportive of a peaceful co-existence between vampires and human beings. He turned Eric vampire after seeing his magnificent fighting in a battle. He and Eric investigated Nazi Germany's use of werewolves in World War

II. When he goes missing, Eric sends Sookie to the Dallas area to help look for him. It's discovered that he's being held prisoner by the Fellowship of the Sun for a ritual execution. While infiltrating the Fellowship with Hugo, Sookie is captured and attacked by one of their members, Gabe. As Gabe is attempting to rape Sookie, Godric appears and rescues her by breaking Gabe's neck. Conflict at the Fellowship comes to a head with a standoff between the Fellowship members and a vampire force led by Stan (one of Godric's lieutenants). Godric is able to defuse the incident without bloodshed. However, the Fellowship retaliates by sending a suicide bomber to his home, destroying three vampires and killing two human companions. When asked how a vampire as powerful as he is could have been captured by humans, Godric reveals that he was taken into their custody willingly, believing that allowing himself to be killed by anti-vampire fanatics will bring about some sort of reconciliation, and atonement for his many crimes against humans during his long life. He takes the blame for what Nan Flanagan describes as a "PR disaster", as well as for the deaths from the bombing. He resigns as sheriff at her recommendation. After such a long life, Godric finds himself weary of his existence and saddened that humans and vampires refuse to work together and coexist, so decides he has been alive long enough. As his Maker, Godric is greatly loved and revered by Eric, who begs him not to kill himself—to no avail. He "meets the sun" at dawn on the roof of the Hotel Carmilla, surprised and inspired by the fact that a "human", Sookie, would accompany him and shed tears at his end. In S3 E12 entitled , Godric's spirit apparently appears to Eric and tries to get him to embrace peace and forgiveness during his battle with Russell. He expresses his sadness at Eric's actions when he and Bill bury Russell alive, rather than allow Russell the peace that true death would bring.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead In Dallas, he appeared to be a fresh faced blond haired sixteen year old though he was actually over 1,000 years old. Real name Godric, but for the past century he's gone by Godfrey.

His body was covered with ancient blue runic tattoos dating from Roman times. Had starving cheeks almost concave, and as white a paper, his blond hair almost floated around his head it was so electric, and his eyes looked like blue marbles against his palor. His English was clear but heavily accented.

Ancient and immensely powerful vampire who became a renouncer due to his several years of existing as a serial killer and child molester. Believing that only his death will stop him from continuing to sin, he allied himself with radical humans. He plans to meet the sun in a ritual. He lures Farrell into the hands of the FotS so Farrell will die with him. Godrey reluctantly saves Sookie from Gabe and helps her escape.

Godric met the sun in the parking lot of the FotS church while Sookie while bears witness, believing that in his repentance he will see the face of God. Belonged to a nest in San Francisco.

Isabel Beaumont
True Blood

Portrayed by Valerie Cruz first appearing in S2 E5 entitled "Never Let Me Go", In her 30s, an elegant Hispanic vampire, Isabel is a lieutenant of Godric's. She and Stan bicker constantly throughout the investigation in Dallas, much to Eric's frustration. At one point, Stan mentions that she has been working for Godric for forty years. She has a human boyfriend, Hugo, who accompanies Sookie when she infiltrates the Fellowship of the Sun, but is revealed to be a traitor to the vampires. In a conversation with Eric, she describes her interest in Hugo as being like "a science experiment", however even after the discovery of Hugo's treachery she admits to still loving him (prompting Godric to reduce his punishment from execution to banishment). During a meeting with Nan Flanagan that results in Godric's resignation, he recommends that Isabel take his position as the sheriff of Area Nine. Whether or not she becomes Godric's replacement after his suicide is unclear. Her appearance in "I Will Rise Up" suggests that she does not follow Hugo into exile. Sookie phones her while she is looking for Bill, suggesting that she is still in Dallas.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, described as being white as paper and flat as a board. Has a voice as calm and cool as Bill's with considerably less inflection. Light brown hair, braided and long enough to tap her butt. Glittery green eyes, ancient but looked no more than 35 when turned.

One of Stan's vampires, Isabel has a human lover, a lawyer who successfully defended Stan in court. When it is revealed that her lover, Hugo, has betrayed the Dallas vampires to the FotS. Isabel is punished by being chained in a room with Hugo for a few months without being able to feed. At the end of their sentence, Hugo is given a 24-hr head start before Isabel is unchained to go after him.

Stan Davis
True Blood

Portrayed by Ed Quinn, first appearing in S2 E5, entitled "Never Let Me Go", Stan is in his 40s, metrosexual. Godric’s lieutenant in Texas, he’s a vampire dressed in expensive Western wear. A volatile troublemaker.

Known to be a hot head, he leads a vampire mob to avenge Godric and to teach the humans a lesson in S2 E entitled, .

Stan is last seen in S2 E, entitled , he was killed in the FotS suicide bombing of Godric's nest.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, Stan is describes as the sheriff of Area Six in Texas, a total geek in appearance (a carefully disguised geek). Sandy hair slicked back, narrow and unimpressive physique, black rimmed glasses (for shear camouflage), pale, freckled with invisible eyelashes and minimal eyebrows. Sookie observes a faint trace of foreign accent in his voice. Can summon his underlings without words.

Sookie is able to catch a brief glimpse of his mind coming to find out that he use to be Stanislaus Davidowitz. Enlists the help of Sookie to investigate the abduction of his nest mate, Farrell.

Represented by Hugo, Stan's neighbors sued to have the vampires barred from the neighborhood and lost.

His vampires and humans at his home suffer several casualties when they are attacked by members of the FotS which is later dubbed as the Dallas Midnight Massacre.

ATD: Stan has become the King of Texas and it is discovered that Barry works and has worked for him every since his discovery in LDID. He attends the summit in Rhodes to propose a business arrangement to the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, for a resort development. He is badly injured in the bombing that occurred and loses his child, Rachel, as well. His second, Joseph Velaquez, struggles to hold Texas for his king as he recovers.

True Blood

Portrayed by Greg Collins, first appearing in S2 E5 entitled "Never Let me Go", Gabe is in his
30s to 40s, fit, military, big and built. He’s a member of the Light Of Day Institute and is a drill instructor at a Boot Camp for vampire hunters. A man with leather lungs and a Marine’s ferocious, remorseless demeanor. He is a mercenary who helps train and lead the Soldiers of the Sun, Rev. Steve Newlin's secret, paramilitary unit of the Fellowship of the Sun. Appearing in the second season of True Blood, he is characterized by the typical abhorrence of vampires common amongst Fellowship members. After Hugo informs Rev. Newlin that he and Sookie Stackhouse are being sent to infiltrate the Fellowship, Gabe helps Rev. Newlin kidnap and imprison the two of them in the church basement, where they are also keeping vampires and a vampire-fighting arsenal. Once Rev. Newlin learns that Jason (a Fellowship member at the time) and Sookie are siblings, he and Gabe apprehend Jason. Gabe is left to execute Jason for his betrayal, but Jason overpowers him and escapes. Enraged, Gabe returns to the church, and tries to rape Sookie. Before he succeeds, Godric appears and breaks his neck.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, Gabe is described as a member the FotS.

Gabe keeps Farrell imprisoned in the cellar of the church. He happily locks Hugo and Sookie up as well. Having already badly injured Sookie when she tried to escape, Gabe is willing to continue to abuse. After shutting Hugo in with Farrell, Gabe attempts to rape Sookie. He is stopped by Godfrey, unintentionally kills him.
Hugo Ayres
True Blood

Portrayed by Christopher Garlin first appearing S2 E6, entitled "Hard Hearted Hannah", Hugo is in his early 30s to 40s and a buttoned-down accountant or lawyer type, Hugo is the human companion/lover of Isabel.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, Hugo is first seen as a tall, lanky human washing dishes at the sink in the kitchen as Sookie walks with Isabel and Bill through Stan's home for their meeting. He half turned as they passed though and nodded to her. He was wearing glasses and his shirt sleeves were rolled up.

Upon discovering Stan's chambers had been bugged, Bill rushes out of the room to retrieve Isabel and the dishwasher Sookie had seen earlier carrying a bowl of water. Creating a diversion they destroy the bug in the water. He volunteers himself to go with Sookie to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun.
Stan introduces Hugo to Sookie as Isabel's current man. When Sookie sees Hugo in the lobby waiting for her, he appears to be about 30 yrs old, with sandy hair and wore glasses.

Trying to get a feel for him, Sookie discovers Hugo is not a broadcaster. He tells her he'd been dating Isabel for 11 months. He was recently divorced and Sookie is able to read him enough to tell he had a little girl, but unable to get her name and age. Hugo, a lawyer, represented vampire sheriff Stan Davis in a court case is how he met Isabel. He had mixed feelings about his involvement with a vampire woman and wasn't entirely sure he should have won the court case. Sookie reads Hugo ambivalence toward Isabel. He is addicted to her vampire sex, but hates himself for it.

Hugo decides to portray himself when going to the Fellowship since the fact that he had represented a vampire was public knowledge. Unbeknownst to Sookie, he'd been working with the Fellowship and had delivered her into their clutches as she searched for Farrell.

Hugo realizes that he is also considered expendable when Gabe stashes in a cell with a hungry Farrell. He is rescued later when Bill and other Area Six vampires attempt to save Sookie and Farrell. His punishment is to remain naked in a room with a naked Isabel for several months, each chained to a wall. Hugo is fed and taken care of but unable to reach the object of his addiction; Isabel is not fed and is unable to reach the answer to her thirst. Hugo is eventually unchained and given a day's head start to disappear.
Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq

True Blood

Portrayed by Rachel Evan Wood, first appearing in S2 E11, entitled "Frenzy", Sophie-Anne Leclerq, described as originally from France, was the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, a 500 year old vampire. The character is described as charming, wily, ruthless and wise. With one foot in the old world and one in the new, she rules all vampires in the state of Louisiana, engages with Kings and Queens from other states. Brilliant and far-sighted, she is a consummate diplomat, politician and adversary. Incredibly cultured, has known many of history’s most famous people personally — as well as had affairs with many of them — she is entertaining, funny, dangerous and delightful. She commands Eric to make Lafayette sell V in order to keep her fortune from running out, despite vampire taboos against humans drinking their blood, and against the V trade in general. Her human lover, Hadley, is Sookie's cousin. She is seen as very cold and unforgiving and also having the personality of a spoiled child. But she is very powerful and full of useful information about supernatural creatures. Sophie-Anne is forced in to a marriage of convenience with Russell Edgington who wishes to possess her territory. Hadley informs Sophie-Anne of Sookie's ability at some point before the series and she subsequently sent Bill Compton to Bon Temps to seduce her and procure her for Sophie-Anne. In doing this, Bill allowed The Rattrays to beat Sookie within an inch of her life so Bill can feed her his blood. When Sookie angrily throws Bill out after discovering this, he blames Sophie-Anne. He lures her to his home and tells her only one of them will leave alive. The pair fight briefly, only for Bill to reveal armed forces who were hiding inside the house the entire time. After calling him a traitor, Sophie-Anne is violently gunned down and killed with wooden bullets by the armed forces who are revealed to be Nan Flanagan's. Flanagan thanks Bill for his cooperation, and it is shown that Sophie-Anne's death was apart of a deal made between Bill and Flanagan, whom she makes the Vampire King of Louisiana.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

First mentioned in Club Dead as to who Bill's secret database work is being done for. Lives in New Orleans. She is truly introduced in the short story One Word Answer, described as
vampire queen of Louisiana; a beautiful woman, pale as milk, with reddish brown hair, large and tilted brown eyes. ATD: small, extremely pale, shining brown hair swept up in a chignon. As described by Sookie, QSA may have been 15 yrs old when turned, an elegant woman perhaps 4 inches shorter than Sookies' 5'6'. Groomed down to the last eyelash: make up, dress, hair, stockings, jewelry, the whole 9 yards.

: Sophie-Anne explains that her life began in what became Northern France, Lartherenga perhaps, about 1,100 years ago where she spent the first twelve years of her life. Her mother was the wife of the wealthiest man in the town, meaning he had two more pigs than anyone else. QSA's name then was Judith. When she was 10 or 12 years old a peddler came into their town with an illness (thinks now it was some type of influenza) that never came to them before. Within two weeks of his stay everyone in her village were dead except for her and a boy who was some what older. Clovis, for some reason she can't remember why, didn't like her and began to rape her and take her to the next town to offer her for money or food. The flu traveled across their region but they never got sick. When they were camped in the woods a vampire, Alain who had been a priest, got him. Alain looked at her as a suitable companion. She traveled with him for about three years or more.
He promised to bring her over but when he needed money for clothes or food for her he began offering her just as Clovis had done. She grew tired of his empty promise. Alain was caught in a town he had visited before by a priest that knew him for what he was and held captive. Judith is left unbound as she is clearly human and a victim of Alain's abuse so she sneaks into the hut he is being held in and bargains with him to be turned in exchange for her setting him free when she rises. Alain begins the process, but the village priest returns from a trip while she remains buried in the earth. Alain is killed before she awakens.She wanders alone for a few years until she finds a younger boy being abused and turns him for companionship. Andre becomes her devoted servant and lover for centuries.
She meets Hadley Delahoussaye Savoy and begins an affair with he, eventually turning her. Hadley tells Sofie Anne of her pas, including tales of the unusual abilities of her cousin Sookie, setting in motion the chain of events that sends Bill to Bon Temps in the service of his queen.
Sophie-Anne arranges a political marriage with Peter Threadgill, the King of Arkansas, but Peter has plans to take over her holdings by proving that she has given another lover one of his wedding gifts- a diamond bracelet actually stolen by Hadley in a fit of jealousy. When Sookie finds the bracelet and returns it to Sophie-Anne in time for her spring party, Peter starts a war anyway, leading to the defeat of the Arkansas vampires and his own death at Andre's hands.
Her territory in Louisiana, and especially the lucrative city of New Orleans, is highly coveted among other vampire monarchs.

ATD: It is said that she also has the ability to speak to her children telepathically. The vampires made by Sophie-Anne tend to be fanatically devoted to her and freely confess that they remain with Sophie-Anne out of love, rather than coercion, or exploitation of the maker-offspring bond.
One of her unique abilities is to remain close with the vampire "children" over hundreds and thousands of years. She can also communicate telepathically with her children, although the limits of this ability are never clearly defined. Sophie-Anne faces trial for the death of her husband at the summit in Rhodes. She is found innocent and granted the kingdom of Arkansas. Her relief is short lived, as she is badly injured in the bombing, losing both her legs.

FDTW: Sophie-Anne is still trying to recover when Felipe de Castro wages his campaign to take over Louisiana and Arkansas. During the Nevada vampire takeover, Queen Sophie Anne and her remaining sheriffs except for Eric are killed. However, a fabricated story of her dying from complications of Sino Aids, the only disease that can cross from human to vampire, had been published.
Hadley Hale
Hadley Delahoussaye Savoy
True Blood

Portrayed by Lindsey Haun, Hadley is the cousin of Sookie and Jason Stackhouse. She is first mentioned in S1 E6 entitled "Cold Ground", when the residents of Bon Temps are visiting Sookie's home to offer condolences for her recently murdered grandmother. Tara asks Sookie whether she should contact Hadley, and Sookie reponds saying "No ones heard from her in over a year every since she ran away from that rehab Gran paid for." when Tara suggests possible attendants to Gran's funeral.

Hadley's first actual appearance is in S2 E11 entitled, "Frenzy", when Bill Compton visits Sophie-Anne, the vampire queen of Louisiana. Hadley is a fresh-faced 20 something year old country girl is locked in a steamy clinch with the vampire queen. The dazed Hadley has been seduced into a whole other world — but she still feels the pull of her human roots. When Sophie-Anne leaves Bill momentarily, Hadley asks him how Sookie and Gran are doing. Though she is still interested in her past amongst human beings, she's aware that there is no way she can return from the vampire world she is now a part of. In the third season Sophie-Anne is shown to be very concerned for Hadley's safety when King Russell Edgington and Eric Northman break into her house. In S3 E8 entitled "Night on the Sun", the Queen worriedly yells Hadley's name and asks to be reunited with her in her imprisonment, thus revealing that Hadley is the human lover and companion of Sophie-Anne. She was the one who revealed Sookie's gift to Sophie-Anne, sparking the queen's interest in her. Eric later uses Hadley to get information about Sookie from Sophie-Anne. After Sophie-Anne stays silent, a scared and injured Hadley tells Eric what he wants to know and by doing so, saves her own life. Eric uses her again when he catches her leaving Sophie-Anne's bedroom and orders her to deliver a message to Sookie. In S3 E9 entitled "Everything is Broken", it’s revealed that Hadley has a young son (about 8 years old) named Hunter. Hunter, like his mother's cousin Sookie, is telepathic.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Mentioned in Dead Until Dark, Hadley, Sookie & Jason's first and only cousin, Adele's granddaughter, and Adele's daughter Linda's daughter. Hadley vanished into the same sub culture that spawned the Ratts before her mother, Linda, passed away from uterine cancer.

OWA: Hadley is introduced posthumously. In her human years, Hadley had vanished into the underworld of drugs and prostitution years before Hadley was popular in high school, a cheerleader and even Miss Bon Temps. During her junior year of high school and ran away to New Orleans to make her living by her wits and her body. Linda, her mother, died of cancer during the second year after Hadley's departure. Mr. Cataliades informs Sookie that Hadley left her the sole heir to her legacy. In the document, Hadley says she called Jason once for help when she was very low on funds; he ignored her request, so now she's ignoring him. She was 29 when she died. Mr. Cataliades informs Sookie that Hadley was turned into a vampire and had been staked. Waldo, a vampire who was jealous of Hadley's position as a favorite of the queen, staked Hadley.

DD: Sookie goes to New Orleans to deal with Hadley's estate. Through the Ectoplasmic reconstruction, we learn that upon finding Jake Purifoy drained in her driveway, Hadley turns the Were in a panic. She learns that Hadley was once married and divorced, and that she had originally informed the queen about Sookie's mind-reading ability.

FDTW: Sookie learns that Hadley also gave birth to a child, now being raised by her ex-husband, Remy Savoy. The child, Hunter, also has mind-reading skills.
Cooter (Coot)
Charles Clausen
True Blood

Portrayed by Grant Bowler, Coot, first appearing in S3 S1, is the leader of his werewolf pack that were responsible for kidnapping Bill Compton at Russell Edgington's request. He is engaged to Debbie, Alcide's ex-girlfriend.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Club Dead, Charles is described as a square man, around 28 yrs old. Has round eyes, a flat nose, and the softest looking hair ever seen that it appeared to be baby fine and so light of blond that looked nearly white. Debbie's fiance' and shapeshifts into an owl. Sookie reads Debbie's thoughts during their brief confrontation to find that Debbie feels that
Tommy Mickens
Craig Merlotte
True Blood

Portrayed by Marshall Allman first appearing in S3 E1, entitled, "Bad Blood", Tommy is Sam's long lost younger brother. He works at a tire store in Arkansas and has a family with a bad reputation. He doesn’t know who Sam is when Sam finds him. He is illiterate teenage shapeshifter. He is shocked by the news of having a brother he never knew about and hated him at first, but after spending time with him he begins to enjoy having Sam for a brother to the point where he asks Sam to let him stay with him after a fight with his father. He moves in with Sam after Sam discovers his parents use him in dog fighting. He starts working in Sam's bar, but is fired after picking a fight. While working in the bar he seems to have an attraction to Jessica, even attacking Hoyt in his dog form. He then attempts to steal Sam's money, but Sam angrily shoots him - an injury he is shown to be still be healing from in S4 E1 entitled "She's Not There."
Southern Vampire Mysteries

There is no such character in the series however in From Dead To Worse, it is explained that Sam has one brother, Craig, who is getting married in the Spring and one sister with two kids.

Craig had plans to get married when the shifters reveal themselves, but his engagement is put on hold while his fiance's family adjusts to the fact that his brother and mother are shifters. Like his older brother, Craig proudly served his time in the military and now does tech support for a large accounting firm in Houston after graduating from UT Dallas.

STW: Craig and Deidra marry.

Sam's sister, Mindy, and her family live in Mooney, TX about thirty miles from Wright, TX. She adjusts surprisingly well to the revelation that her mother and brother are shifters. Married to Doke Ballinger. Friendly, plump, and chatty, Mindy is a stay-at-home mom of Bonnie & Mason. The safety of her children concerns her most during the protests at Craig and Deidra's wedding.
King Russell Edgington

True Blood

Portrayed by Denis O'Hare, first appearing in S3 E2, entitled "Beautifully Broken", Russell is a 3000 yr-old vampire and the vampire king of Mississippi and is the main antagonist of season 3. He has Bill abducted in S2 E12 entitled in hopes of gathering in-tel on the queen of Louisiana, whom he hopes to marry to merge their respective kingdoms. After discovering Sookie's abilities, Russell takes an interest in her. When Bill is no longer of use to him, he orders for his execution, but Sookie thwarts his plans. After Eric kills Russell's consort Talbot in retaliation for Russell murdering Eric's human family centuries ago, Russell becomes hysterical and kills an anchorman on live television to address a statement to the world, in which he announces his view that vampires and humans aren't equals and vampires will rule over them. Eric, Sookie and Bill manage to dispose of Russell at the end of the third season by tricking him and burying him underneath concrete, but the character is slated to return.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Club Dead, described as being 5'5" with shoes on, was slight of build, when he died he'd been in his early 20's by Sookie's estimation, clean shaven and very pale, eyes the color of bitter chocolate, red hair, and speaks with a thick southern accent.

Owner of Josephine's and has been the vampire king of Mississippi for 100 yrs. Doesn't intervene when Lorena takes up residence on his property to torture information about the database out of Bill, but he is able to reach a tentative peace with Bill after his escape.

ATD: While at the Rhodes summit. Russell Edgington completes marriage negotiations with Bartlett Crowe, King of Indiana, and they are married in full regalia by Eric. He had known Lorena for a century or two but didn't like her worth a damn. To him, "She was always a bitch." The happy couple survive the bombing with only minor injuries.
Crystal Norris

True Blood

Portrayed by Lindsay Pulsipher, first appearing in S3 E2 entitled "Beautifully Broken", Crystal is described as “mysterious and hauntingly beautiful”. She is a werepanther living in the inbred commune of Hotshot, she becomes involved with Jason after he sees her during a drug raid on Hotshot. She seems to be heavily attracted to him, but also informs him she has been promised to her half-brother and thus fiancé, Felton. Jason attempts to lure her away from Hotshot, unaware of her supernatural background, but Felton and her father get her to return every time. Eventually, Crystal escapes Hotshot and hides in Jason's house, who is content with her choice and continues his relationship with her. She then reveals she is a werepanther, but he isn't fazed. Eventually she is forced to leave town with Felton, just after Felton kills her father. Jason pledges to track her down.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead to the World, Jason brings Crystal into Merlotte's as his date New Year's Eve. Sookie describes her as short, dark, thin, 21 yrs old from somewhere out in the sticks. Short curly hair that was a dusty black, intense and even though Sookie carded her she just didn't look 21. According to Sookie, although an attractive girl, Crystal is a shapeshifter of some kind.

DTTW: Looking for a good time, Crystal accepts a date for New Year's Eve with Jason after meeting him in a Wal-Mart. It is said that the generations of inbreeding in the Hotshot community have weakened their shifting traits. Calvin explains to Sookie that though Crystal is a full-blooded panther, she can only change at the moon and is not even “full-powered. Miscarried Jason's baby and is said to had miscarried a child by a full were before that.

: Crystal becomes pregnant again so she and Jason marry. She jeopardizes her marriage by spending money recklessly, a task she is encouraged in by a bespelled Tanya Grissom on behalf of Sandra Pelt.

FDTW: Although she made her vows, she isn't sincere about keeping them and begins an affair with Dove Beck
, Alcee Beck's cousin. Crystal is caught cheating while pregnant with Dove by Sookie and soon later Calvin. Because Calvin stood for Crystal at the wedding and she is pregnant, he will take her punishment. Sookie stood for Jason, so Jason chooses to have her deliver the punishment instead of doing it himself. Sookie has no choice but to break Calvin's "claw" just as Crystal broke her vows. Crystal moves back to Hotshot but continues to be a presence in Jason's life.

DAG: When Crystal drops by Jason's and finds Mel Hart waiting for him, she taunts Mel until he slaps her unconscious, and he leaves her in the truck, still out cold, as he goes into Jason's house to settle his nerves. While he's inside, she is found by Lochlan and Neave, who crucify her in Merlotte's parking lot in their depraved version of fun. Jason and Sookie both mourn the loss of Jason's child and are saddened by Crystal's death
Melinda & Joe Lee Mickens
Bernie Merlotte and Don
True Blood

Portrayed by J. Smith Cameron & Cooper Huckabee, first appearing in S3 E2 entitled "Beautifully Broken", Melinda
Mickens is Sam's biological mother, who gave him up for adoption. She is also the mother of Tommy, and the wife of Joe Lee. She’s in her 50s and a dirt poor mother, who tries to use Sam to get things from him. She is a shifter, like her sons. It is revealed that she is scared to leave Joe Lee, since it is him that had previously pushed her into dogfighting for money and now she expects Tommy to do the same because she is too old. Joe Lee Mickens is Sam's biological father, who was serving time in jail when Sam was born. He’s poorly educated but figures out Sam’s link to his wife. He is also the father of Tommy, and husband to Melinda. He tries to use Sam for money while pretending to be a caring father. He tries to hide from Sam the fact that he forces Tommy in to dogfights in order to make money.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

In From Dead to Worse, it is explained that Sam's dad was in the service, he got out when Sam was 14 yrs old. Sam's mom had family in Wright, TX. Mr. Merlotte passed away about 6 years ago leaving Sam a chunk a money in which he bought the bar with.
Sam's mother, Bernadette "Bernie" Merlotte, remarried two years after her husband's death and keeps her shifter status a secret, making excuses to explain her absence on full moon nights.

DAG: As they watched the Great Reveal on television, Bernie finally tells her husband, Don, her secret and shifts in front of him, but Don does not react as she hopes. Sam's stepfather shoots his mother. He is charged and taken into custody, and they divorce while he remains incarcerated awaiting his trial, unable to make bail.
Bernie is working as a receptionist/secretary at an elementary school when she is shot. They hire a replacement for her while she heals, but she's not at all certain she'll still have a job when the new school year starts. Longtime friends become strangers, but she remains determined to see her son safely married even as her town struggles with the presence of shifters in their midst

True Blood

Portrayed by Theo Alexander, first appearing in S3 E2, entitled "Beautifully Broken", Talbot is the King of Mississippi’s long-time trophy husband. He’s extremely good-looking, with a sarcastic personality. He was turned by Russell roughly 700 years ago in his native Greece. He is seen to be very sensitive, taking interruptions to his carefully planned dinners and damage to his mansion very personally. During the episodes we can hear Talbot speaking Greek. Talbot has a liking for Eric Northman and seems to be totally uninterested in Russell's political plans. Eventually, his anger over Russell's antics reaches a boiling point and he breaks several of the artifacts Russell has collected over the centuries. Eric agrees to spend time with him while Russell is out of town to calm him down. However, once they are alone Eric seduces him and stakes Talbot from behind, killing him. Russell, unhinged by Talbot's death, had his remains placed in a glass jar which he took with him wherever he went. In the season 3 finale, Sookie takes Talbot's remains and pours them down the sink, torturing Russell by turning on the garbage disposal as she does.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Club Dead as Russell Edgington's human lover, from his thoughts Sookie can tell that he is addicted to vampiric sex, ruthless and a intelligent man, pleasantly handsome.

Franklin Mott
True Blood

Portrayed by James Frain, first appearing in S3 E2, entitled "Beautifully Broken", Franklin Mott was a British vampire who was tall, dark, and handsome and worked for Russell Edgington as an investigator. He was first seen entering Merlotte's and has an instant connection with Tara. When she faces down some racist rednecks, he rushes to her aid resulting in their eventual one night stand. He then revealed his true colors when he blackmailed Jessica into telling him all she knew about Bill. He then bit and tied up Tara and took her to Russell's mansion. He was emotionally unstable and wanted Tara to become his vampire bride. In order for Tara to escape and find Sookie, she mercilessly bludgeoned him using a medieval morning star. Despite his injuries, which included a crushed skull, he survived. In the episode "Everything is Broken", Franklin found Tara in the parking lot of Merlotte's. While he was choking her, Jason shot him in the heart with a wooden bullet, granting him the true death at last.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Club Dead, a vampire described as being very handsome in a senior citizen sort of way, has a wonderful mellow voice with a light Italian accent. Sookie figures when he died he probably was in his late 50's or early 60's, his hair and mustache was iron grey and his face was lined. Looked vigorous and very masculine. DTTW: Handsome in a senior citizen sort of way. Polished, dangerous, and sophisticated.

Lives in Jackson, MS, but owns a business that has a franchise in Jackson: one in Ruston, LA and one in Vicksburg, MS. Met Tara at a gathering in Ruston.

DTTW: Gave Tara lavish gifts.

DAAD: Had been a vampire for over 300 years. Dates Tara treating her as his mistress with Tara's tacit consent. Owing a debt to fellow vampire Mickey, Franklin pays by passing Tara along to Mickey to be used both sexually and for blood.

Calvin Norris
True Blood

Portrayed by Gregory Sporleder, first appearing in S3 E2, entitled "Beautifully Broken", Calvin is the 40-something leader of the community of Hotshot. Calvin is first introduced when Lafayette goes to Hotshot to find buyers for the "V" he must sell. Felton is not interested in V and does not want to talk with someone like Lafayette. He and his men prepare to jump Lafayette and steal his new car. Eric comes to Lafayette's rescue and forces Felton and his men to take the V deal.

"Night on the Sun" A few days later, Calvin and Felton enter Merlotte's in search of Crystal, after she runs away from her family. The two seem aware that Sam and Tommy are shifters, and the Merlotte brothers can smell that something is odd about the meth dealers. Sam kicks them out of the bar, and when they return to Hotshot, Calvin finds Jason poking around, with a shotgun. Jason says that he is a cop and knows about their meth lab. He orders Calvin to leave Crystal alone, unless he wants to go to jail. Calvin backs off but tells Jason that he has no idea who he's messing with.

"Everything Is Broken"
The next night Calvin arrives at Merlotte's where he sees Crystal with Jason. Calvin starts arguing with Jason and Sam steps between them and tells them to take their fight outside. After Calvin insult Sam, the latter loses control and proceeds to severely beat Calvin until he becomes unconscious. Calvin is taken to the hospital by Lafayette and Jesus along with Crystal.

"I Smell a Rat" Lafayette drives to Calvin to his home and gives him V, which heals him immediately. Upon waking up he is disgusted that Crystal has permitted Lafayette and Jesus to give him vampire blood. Angry that Crystal has run away and does not wish to marry Felton, Calvin disowns his daughter. After Crystal runs away he leaves for Hotshot.

"Evil is Going On" Calvin is in Hotshot when Jason and Crystal come to warn him and his relatives about the impending DEA raid. He orders some of his people to hide the meth and destroy the V, but is stopped by Felton who want to keep the V. When Felton points a gun at him Calvin tries to calm him down but fails and is shot in the head.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead to the World, a werepanther, Crystal's uncle and leader of the Hotshot community. Described as probably being on the upside of 40, has a trimmed beard salted with grey, hair cut close to his head. Small man perhaps 5'7" with a live build, muscular arms, and green-golden eyes. Crew member at Norcross, a lumber processing plant, in which he works long hours. DAAD: Stocky, greying, sturdy. DD: Bearded man, in his early 40s.

A serious man who's responsibility sat squarely on his shoulders.

Not much for TV except for sports. Likes to hunt but prefers it at the full moon. Likes to fish, loves mornings where he can sit on his boat and not worry about a thing. Likes to cook,in the winter works on the inside of his house and goes and cuts wood for the people in the community that can't cut their own. Has a daughter named Terri by her mother Maryelizabeth, a werepanther in Hot Shot. He has three other children by three different women. The first child of any given pure blood couple will produce a were.

Because Hotshot takes care of its own justice, Calvin has a good deal of power over its residents, including the power to decide who is executed for their crimes. In DTTW when he first meets Sookie, she senses that Calvin and Crystal’s relationship is more than the authority of an uncle. The author explains that generations of inbreeding in the Hotshot community have weakened their shifting traits. In order to preserve the shifter traits, and to bring in new genes, Calvin offers Sookie protection and tells her he will be “her man”. Even though Sookie turns down his offers for a relationship, she still remains friends with him and enjoys his company. She often sees him after her brother and Crystal become involved.

DN: Also in attendance to Eric's birthday bash for Dracula was Calvin Norris who sat at the table with Colonel Flood, head of the Shreveport Werepanther pack. While chatting with Sookie, he told her that he had out a new roof on his house himself and invited her to go fishing with him when the weather was warmer. Later in the evening, Calvin and Sookie danced a couple of times.

FDTW: Following Hotshot community rules, Sookie must break some of his fingers with a cement block in order to punish Crystal for being unfaithful to her brother, Jason.
Calvin is dating Tanya Grisome, a werefox. When Sookie tells him that Tanya has been bespelled by Sandra Pelt, he asks Amelia and Octavia to rid her of Sandra's influence rather than having cast a simpler spell that would force Tanya to leave.

DAG: Calvin is shattered when Crystal is killed and is now comforted by his now live-in companion Tanya. In keeping with the traditions of Hotshot, he, Jason, Crystal's sister Dawn, her cousin Jacky deal with Crystal killer themselves.
Calvin and Tanya decide to go to Arkansas to get married without fanfare but enjoy a Hotshot celebration when they get home. No word on who stands for Calvin or Tanya.
Alcide Herveaux

True Blood

Portrayed by Joe Manganiello, first appearing in S3 E3, entitled "It Hurts Me Too", Alcide is
described as a good looking, rough looking but articulate and basically decent man is not what he seems. He’s a heroic type and he and Sookie get along really well. He is a werewolf who helps Sookie in finding Bill while Bill is held captive by Russell Edgington. He does this to relieve the debt his family owed towards Eric Northman. Alcide is one of the few good werewolves introduced thus far. He is handsome and has an ongoing attraction with Sookie. He admits to Sookie early on that he used to be in love with his ex Debbie who is a shifter and now a werewolf groupie. She led people to believe she left him because he didn't want a baby. She also says he wasn't man enough and left him for Coot. At the end of season three, Eric borrows Alcide's truck to help kill Edgington, finally relieving him of his debt to Eric.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Club Dead, described as a tall man with black hair (that apparently can't be tamed with a brush or comb), has a broad face, and green eyes. A partner with his father in Herveaux and Son, AAA Accurate Surveys.

Alcide doesn't want to be involved in vampire affairs, but when the Shreveport vamps call in a marker on his father's gambling debts that would destroy their company, he must agree to escort Sookie and she to Jackson in her search for a missing Bill. He is attracted to Sookie and she to him, but just as she is sorting through her feelings of betrayal with Bill, he is sorting through his own feelings about his ex-girlfriend Debbie. Although Alcide claims he is determined to rid himself of Debbie, he is willfully blind when it comes to her faults.

DTTW: When Debbie lies and tells him later that Sookie and Bill have reconciled, he believes her and resumes their relationship. He is finally forced to face reality when Bill confirms not only did Debbie lock Sookie and him together in the trunk, but also participated in his torture at Russell's mansion. Alcide abjures her in a irrevocable ritual.

DAAD: Alcide contacts Sookie again after the death of packmaster Colonel Flood, asking her to attend the funeral as a friend of the pack. He uses her presence to imply her unspoken support for his father as Colonel Flood's successor. He also wants her to read the other candidate's mind. He rationalizes that Sookie might think she owes him, as he has realized that she killed Debbie. Although he claims he doesn't care, Sookie is hurt and angered by his actions and asks him to stay away.
Alcide rushes to Sookie when her kitchen burns. He asks her to move in with him to explore their relationship, but Sookie questions whether he is fully recovered from Debbie and whether he can forgive her for Debbie's death. Alcide turns from Sookie into the arms of Were Maria-Star Cooper after his father dies during the packmaster contest with Patrick Furnan. The Were pack remains splintered by the cheating during the contest and the outcome, with Alcide heading the anti-Furnan faction.

FDTW: When Maria-Star is murdered, Alcide first suspects Furnan but soon discovers that Patrick's wife is missing as well. At an arranged parley, the two are attacked by a band of Weres led by Priscilla Herbert, who wants the Long Tooth pack's territory. The Long Tooth pack unite to take down the interlopers, and when Patrick is killed, Alcide ascends to packmaster. As such, he continues viewing Sookie as a friend of the pack, and they tentatively establish a friendship. He sends Tray Dawson to guard her when she is threaten by the Fae. Alcide contacts Sookie and Bill to ask if the Long Tooth pack can run on their land at the full moon, as there is a party of human campers on the Herveaux land. Unbeknownst to him, his childhood friend Hamilton Bond, has conspired to kill his newly appointed second, Basim al Saud, out of jealousy for not being named to the position. Ham buries Basim's body on Sookie's land, but the body is scented by a vampire tracker sent by Eric to check the woods for intruders. Alcide; his new girlfriend, Annabelle; and pack member Jannalynn Hopper arrive to investigate. Along with Ocella, Alexi, Eric, Sookie, and Jason, they dig up the body. Annabelle is forced to admit that she was having an affair with Basim, but denies any involvement in her death.
The pack hold a meeting at Aclide's house, with Sookie and Jason sitting in. When they arrive, Alcide asks Sookie to act as a shaman, giving her a potion that will help her see the truth among the Weres. She identifies Ham as the culprit and new pack member Patricia Crimmins, one of the few survivors of Herbert's pack, as his partner-in-crime. Alcide spares Annabelle, but Sookie leaves the meeting knowing that Jannalynn, his newly appointed second, will successfully campaign for the deaths of Ham and Patricia.
When Aldice hears from Amelia that Sookie has broken the blood bond with Eric, he goes to Sookie's houses to wait for her in bed. He winds up falling asleep because Sookie spends the night with Eric, but Alcide expresses his desire to have a chance with her when she wakes him in the morning. He reassures her of his genuine interest when she implies that he wants her because the pack needs a shaman, but he becomes upset and leaves when she tells him she doesn't like the way he has changed since becoming packmaster.

Felton Norris
True Blood

Portrayed by James Harvey Ward, first appearing in S3 E4, 9 Crimes, Felton is the 20-something relative of Calvin’s. He’s a violent punk who strips Lafayette’s car and helps beat up Lafayette. He's Crystal's brother/cousin/fiance', and front man in the Norris family drug business.
He is violent and frequently beats Crystal when she strays from him. Just before the DEA raid the town Felton reveals he is addicted to V. In the season three finale, he forces Crystal to leave town with him, after shooting their father.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead to the World, described as having a face broad at the eyes narrowing a little too abruptly to a thin lipped mouth, remarkably dark eyes that were set under straight thick, brown brows that contrasted with his pale hair. A werepanther in the Hotshot community. A bulky man but moved lightly and quietly.
Obsessed with Crystal, Felton kidnapped Jason and repeatedly bites him to turn him into a panther in a twisted attempt to decrease Crystal's interest in him. After Jason's rescue from Felton's shed, Calvin and the panthers of Hotshot fill Felton so that Sookie and Jason will not go to the police.
Janice Herveaux Janice Herveaux Phillips
True Blood

Portrayed by Dawn Olivieri, first appearing in S3 E4, "9 Crimes", Janice is Alcide's older sister. She’s 32, fit and tough as nails. She fancies biker gear, horoscopes and psychics and is protective of her little brother.
Southern Vampire Mysteries
Debbie Pelt

True Blood

Portrayed by Brit Morgan, first appearing in S3 E4, entitled "9 Crimes", Debbie is Alcide’s beloved ex who is also a werewolf and addicted to V. She is in her late 20s, appears strung out and stubborn. After breaking up with Alcide, she becomes engaged to Coot. While Sookie becomes convinced it is possible to reunite Alcide and Debbie, Debbie becomes a member of Coot's pack in a bizarre initiation ceremony. At this ceremony, Sookie and Alcide discover Russell Edgington, a vampire who employs werewolves to carry out missions for him, supplies this pack with V. Later on, in episode 6, Debbie and Coot feed on Bill Compton's blood after Bill is tortured by Lorena. After Sookie, Tara and Alcide free Bill in episode 7, Debbie reappears and threatens to kill Sookie, but is stopped by Tara. When Coot enters the scene, Alcide fatally shoots him , causing Debbie to vow vengeance upon Alcide. After burning down a hair salon operated by Alcide's sister, Debbie leads a werewolf attack on Sookie's house at Russell's orders. While Bill and Jessica fight off the werewolves, Debbie personally confronts Sookie and the two become entangled in a brutal fight. After Sookie scars Debbie with a pair of scissors, she forces Debbie out of her house with a shotgun.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Club Dead, described as a tall young woman with gleaming short black hair, athletic build, and a long narrow face. having straight black hair cut in asymmetrical clumps, tiny locks of different lengths, narrow face making her look kinda like a dog in a good show. Former girlfriend of Alcide, engaged to Charles Clausen, who shifts into an owl.

Alcide describes her as a shifter. Debbie becomes jealous when she saw Alcide with Sookie the night of her engagement. After being bested verbally by Sookie, Debbie retaliates by burning a hole in Sookie's shawl. Later in the novel, she pushes Sookie into a car trunk where Bill is being concealed after Sookie rescues him from being starved and tortured by Lorena. The night before after enjoying the full moon, Debbie and Alcide intimately reunite.

DTTW: Renewing her relationship with Alcide, Debbie convinces him that Sookie has reunited with Bill. When Debbie joins the Weres for the Witch war, it is revealed that Debbie had participated in Bill’s torture. Alcide, appalled, abjures her, essentially banishing her existence from his life. Debbie is not allowed to leave after being abjured for fear she will betray then all to Hallow.
When asked by Sookie what she shifts into she tells her a lynx. She enters the building when the skirmish begins begins, trying to take advantage of the chaos to kill Sookie. She is stopped by Eric but gets away. She takes off only to break into Sookie's house and lie and wait with a gun. Upon returning home, Debbie shoots at Sookie. Eric takes the bullet instead. In return, Debbie is cut down by a shotgun blast fired by Sookie. Eric disposes of the body and her car. He promptly forgets how and where as the amnesia spelled on him by Hallow is lifted and he regains his full memory but loses his recent memory of events during the time he was cursed.

DAAD: Alcide reveals that Debbie's mother was a spell caster & half shifter and her father is a full shifter.

DD: Debbie’s sister Sandra and parents Gordon & Barbara search for clues to her disappearance, hiring private detectives to trace her. The only person that truly knows what happened is Sookie, who they suspect have something to do with her disappearance. The Pelt family finally learn what happened to Debbie after attempting to kidnap Sookie. Almost a year later, Eric finally remembers where he hid her body and car.

In reference to her after her death she is described as a werefox.

Colonel Flood

True Blood

Portrayed by Grainger Hines, first appearing in S3 E5 entitled "Trouble", Colonel John Flood who is described as the Wolf Pack Leader in his 50s to 60s who dresses like a golfer and has a military haircut. Alcide contacts the Colonel to discuss his discovery that Cooter's pack serves Russell Edgington and that they are addicted to "V". The Colonel reveals that he was aware of this and that Russell is the vampire king of Mississippi. Sookie reads the colonel's mind and discovers that the colonel is afraid for his life and plans to run out of town.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead to the World, Colonel James Flood is a retired Air Force colonel but serves as the Shreveport packmaster as well. He lead the Long Tooth pack in the Witch War against Hallow and her coven of Were witches. He names Sookie a "friend of the pack" after she brings news of the coven to Alcide.

DN: Also in attendance to Eric's birthday bash for Dracula was Colonel Flood who sat at a table with Calvin Norris, the leader of the small community of werepanthers who lived in or around Hot Shot outside of Bon Temps. Now retired from the Air Force, he was polite and distant as he always was. He didn't care much for non-Weres and now that he'd retired, he only dealt with regular people when he had to. He did, however, stand up to defend Sookie along with Calvin when the, what turned out to be, fake Dracula selected her as that evening"s meal.

DAAD: It is mentioned that Colonel Flood is killed in a car accident and it is his death that sparks the contest between Jackson Herveaux and Patrick Furnan.
Claudine Crane

True Blood

Portrayed by Lara Pulver, Claudine, first appearing in S3 E7 entitled "Hitting the Ground", is a fairy. Claudine is described as a beautiful woman in her 30s or 40s, kind and loving figure who knows a lot about Sookie. She stated that she, and others like her, had protected and, on occasion, saved Sookie from danger. When Sookie is comatose after being drained by Bill, she meets Claudine in a dream. Claudine gives her glowing water to drink and asks her if she wants to come to her "home". As the portal to her is a pond, Sookie is afraid to enter as she does not know how to swim. Sookie hears in Claudine's thoughts that "the water did not kill them". This implies that Claudine knows how Sookie & Jason's parents died. When Bill comes to Sookie's hospital bed, night comes to the dream realm. The other Fairies in the dream enter the pond and Claudine warns Sookie to not let 'him' take her "light". In S3 E9 entitled "Everything Is Broken", Bill enters the dream realm Sookie had visited. There he is met by Claudine, who first thinks that he has killed Sookie. After a short chase Bill pins Claudine down, but seems unable to control himself. Before he can feed on her, Claudine uses the same light power Sookie is capable of, and throws him a few meters away. Bill convinces Claudine that Sookie is alive and he would never harm her, and also pleads to Claudine to reveal the true nature of what Sookie and Claudine are, so that Sookie can protect herself.
In S3 E12 entitled "Evil Is Going On", Sookie visits her grandmother's grave, Claudine and other faes appear to her. Claudine tells Sookie she is not alone and she should come with them. Sookie holds out a glowing hand to Claudine and the two women disappears along with the other fairies.
Claudine magically transports Sookie to her home dimension, known as Faery.
In S4 E1 entitled "She's Not There", Sookie and Claudine suddenly appear in Faery. Upon there arrival, Sookie inquires if Claudine is head of the fairies. Claudine laughs this off and tells Sookie she is actually her fairy godmother. Sookie snipes that she didn't do a very good job to which Claudine replies "You're still alive aren't you?" Claudine then leaves Sookie so she can go and mingle with the other fairies and recently transported part fairies such as old acquaintance Barry and her grandfather Earl.
When Sookie realizes that Faery is a trap for the part humans, she is confronted by queen of the fairies, Mab. As Mab tries to force feed Sookie a Lumiere fruit in order to magically manipulate Sookie into seeing Faery as a bright, peaceful place, Claudine looks on guiltily. When Sookie accidentally uses her powers to uncover the true barren world of Faery and the true, grotesque face of the fairies to all those around; Sookie and Earl try to find a way of escaping Faery and its malevolent inhabitants. As Sookie runs off, a distressed Claudine calls out for her until she is ordered by Mab to go after them.

S4 E3 entitled "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?", Claudine arrives at Sookie's front porch and demands that Sookie come with her back to Fairy Land. She tells Sookie about the times she helped save her life, however Sookie replies with a no. In a flash, Eric Northman captures Claudine and begins to feed from her. With amnesia, Eric doesn't know how to stop drinking her blood. He kills her, making her true form appear and to lose her light, thus disappearing in thin dust.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead to the World, described as being a magnificent woman, at least 6ft tall with long with long rippling, dark hair. As dark haired as Tara though she had reddish highlights that surprised the eye. Had dark eyes that were huge, almond shaped, almost abnormally large. Skin pale as milk and legs long as a step ladder. Quite gifted in the bosom department. FD: Six feet tall, long black hair, gorgeous. DAAD: Skin that had a unique quality to it, looked glossy & thin, reminded Sookie of the skin of a plum and "Hollywood white" teeth.

DTTW: At first Sookie does not know exactly Claudine is but from her brain pattern she can tell she is not human. Helped Tara run her store for about a week.

FD: Seemed to have no shortage of cash or clothing and she entranced men the way a watermelon draws flies. Claudine didn't really like to drink, but she did like bars. Like most fairies, she loved attention & admiration (Sam said it was a fairy characteristic).
Claudine enlists the help of Sookie to read the minds of a few humans suspected of murdering her triplet sister, Claudette. Claudine & her brother live in a big ranch style house in suburban Monroe, LA. She works in customer service at Dillards. Jeff, bouncer at Hooligan's, describes Claudine as being as sweet as Claudette is sour also noting that they even sit differently. After more questioning, Sookie determines that Rita killed Claudette using a lemon laced money pouch. Claude tricks her into signing over the club to he and Claudine in exchange for murdering their sister. When Rita thinks she's in the clear, they inform her that she better start running. She owed them money and a hunt and now that they had the money and the means to make it, they needed the hunt. They bargain if Rita can dodge them for a year, she can live and give her a four hour handicap, just for fun.

DAAD: Always cheerful when no vampires are in the vicinity. Unpredictable and a lot of fun. Like all fairies, dangerous as a tiger when angry. Dresses for attention, works in the complaint department at a big store in the mall in Ruston, LA.

DD: Claudine is Sookie's fairy godmother. She is trying to become an Angel. After years of being a good citizen she got a person to guard. She cannot prevent pain, but she can help Sookie recover from a disaster and sometimes can prevent them. She'll pop in to intervene when she can do it only when it's a life or death situation. ex: Sookie almost falling asleep at the wheel. She a co-owner at a strip club with Claude in Ruston, LA and a customer service person at a department store.

DAG: Claudine's last act is protecting Sookie when Breandan attacks Dr. Ludwig's clinic. A pregnant Claudine attempts to stop Breandan from killing Sookie, but dies in the process. Claudine was pregnant with a full-blooded fairy child she conceived with another fairy named, Colman.
Holly Cleary
True Blood

Portrayed by Lauren Bowles, Holly, first appearing in S3 E8 entitled "Night on the Sun", is a thirty-something mother of two who applies for a job at Merlotte’s. Her “oddly prescient observations” disturb Arlene. She’s “presumably single”.
She is very friendly and helps Tara and Arlene throughout S3. She reveals herself as a victim of a brutal rape from years before. She is also a devoted Wiccan. When Arlene decides that she doesn't want her baby, but cannot morally abort it, Holly performs a Wiccan ceremony which, if carried out correctly, should lead to Arlene miscarrying. In S4 E1 entitled "She's Not There", it is revealed that she is one of Marnie's students.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, a waitress at Merlotte's on the morning shift. In her 20's, divorced (had gotten married right out of high school divorced within 5 yrs) with a 5 yr old son named Cody whose in kindergarten. Has blond hair that hung around her head like wilted daisy petals with the prettiest skin Sookie's ever seen. Blunt, straight forward, and best friends with Danielle Gray.

DTTW: Holly' boyfriend waits for her by the employee entrance to pick her up. Long divorced parents had both moved away and her grandmother had died in Alzheimer's wing of the Renard Parrish Nursing Home. Dated Andy for a few months, but nothing came of it. Rumor had it Andy's grandmother though she wasn't good enough for him. For years she died her hair dandelion yellow now it was mat black and spiked. Her ears had four piercings a piece and her hip bones pushed at the thin denim of her aged jeans. A Wiccan and dated Jason once upon a time ago.She is pulled into Hallow's attempt to ensnare Eric Northman through threats to her son. Blackmailed into acting as a lookout for Hallow, Holly accosts Sookie as the vampires and Weres are beginning their attack but winds up giving Sookie information instead, hoping that Hallow's coven will be destroyed.

DD: Holly's ex husband, David, is remarried and lives in Springhill. Cody is 6 yrs old in the first grade. When Holly's son goes missing at his school, Sookie is able to locate him in time to save from an accident gone terribly wrong.

FDTW: Holly is one of the few humans who knows about the existence of the shifters, and she speaks out on behalf of Sam and Tray during their reveal at Merlotte's. Holly has always liked Hoyt but doesn't necessarily like Jason.
She has grown into a confident woman who stands up for her friends and is engaged to Hoyt Fortenberry. That change is reflected in Holly's appearance, as she has gone from a bleached blond to a black-haired Goth and is now back to her natural brown hair.
Hunter Hunter Savoy
True Blood

Portrayed by Max Charles, Hunter, first appearring in S3 E9 entitled "Everything is Broken", Hunter is Hadley’s four year old son and Sookie’s nephew, and he’s telepathic. He’s a distressed, scared little boy who, amid his tears, has has a telepathic conversation with Sookie at the aquarium.
Southern Vampire Mysteries
Luna Garza

True Blood

Portrayed by Janina Gavankar, first appearing in S4 E1, entitled "She's Not There", Luna is a school teacher and member of the shapeshifter support group that Sam has joined for his anger management.

Luna reveals that she is a Skinwalker and can take the form of another human being. She is initially reluctant to start a relationship with Sam because her ex-husband, and father of her daughter, is a jealous werewolf, but finally decides she wants to be with him. She is turned off from him after the first night they supposedly have sex when he is extremely rude toward her. She and Sam soon learn that it was actually Tommy, in the form of Sam, that had sex with her. She and Sam finally consummate their relationship on a camping trip with her daughter.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

ntroduced in Living Dead in Dallas, described as having very dark brown hair that was course and abundant, skin the color of a milky caramel and had dark freckles. Generous lips painted in outstanding fuchsia with big white teeth. Tiny, thin, Hispanic woman.A shape shifter but successfully infiltrates the FotS in Dallas Referred to as a bat.

Helps Sookie escape from the FotS to gather information for the local shifter groups. When she realizes that Sookie knows she is a shifter and sees that she is in trouble, Luna blows her cover helping Sookie escape the church, which is locked down for the night. After getting rear-ended by Sarah Newlin and Polly Blithe, Luna contacts a shifter doctor at the hospital Sookie is taken to, has all traces of her treatment erased, and arranges, albeit by a couple of werewolves, a ride back to the hotel.
STW: Divorced with no children, Luna gets out of the spy business and takes a job with a PR firm in Dallas. She hears about Sam's brother's wedding and travels with other two-natured to Wright help stave off any violence. Afterward, she joins the impromptu party at Bernie's and, while spending some quality time with a cute Chines Were cop from Fort Worth, scents a dead body in the house next door. She and Sookie cautiously enter the house to find Sarah Newlin of the FotS injured on the floor, shot by house owner Jim Collins, whom she shot and killed in return. After calling the police, explaining the situation, and seeing Sarah taken into custody, Luna and Sookie return to the party. At the end of the night, Luna hugs Sookie good-bye and leaves with her newly found Were friend.
Marnie Stonebrook/Antonia Gavila'n
Hallow/Marnie Stonebrook
True Blood

Portrayed by Fiona Shaw, first appearing in S4 E1, entitled "She's Not There", Marnie is described as a timid, self loathing, z-list palm reader who is over taken by the spirit of a real witch (Antonia Gavila'n de Longron'o).
In S4 E2 entitled "You Smell Like Dinner", Eric bursts inside the MoonGoddess Emporium and demands that the group stop meeting. When Marnie refuses him, he feeds on her. The Wiccans, including Lafayette, join hands and chant in unison to summon the dead. Suddenly, Marnie is inhabited by a fierce spirit with fire in her eyes. She chants forcefully in Latin and Eric is stunned. He retracts his fangs and leaves the MoonGoddess Emporium, spooked.
In S4 S3 entitled "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?", At the MoonGoddess Emporium, the Wiccans argue about what to do next. Lafayette wants to square things with Eric, but Marnie and some of the others are upset that they've been told not to practice their religion. Later while alone, Marnie tries to conjure the spirit that inhabited her.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead to the World, described as being almost 6ft tall, broad shouldered and so slim with short, thick brown hair, and a black design painted on her face.

Hallow and her brother, Mark, are Weres who practice witchcraft and drink vampire blood. They arrive in Shreveport with their coven, planning to take over Eric's businesses. During the negotiations, Chow assaults the witch representative, triggering a spell that poofs Eric out of his office and gives him amnesia, leaving him running down the road near Sookie's house with no shirt or shoes. Hallow's spell doesn't work as she planned, and she has no idea where Eric is. Determined to find him, she induces some local witches and Wiccans to help out. When the Were witches attack and kill the Shreveport pack's second in command, the local Weres join the vampires in an unprecedented alliance to rid themselves of the coven. Together they stage an attack on the Stonebrooks' headquarters. Mark and most of the coven members are killed in the battle, leaving only Hallow and one badly injured witch alive. Pam forces Hallow to reveal that her parents (witches who ran confidence games) were abandoned by the supe community when they were incarcerated and that this fueled Hallow's desire for vengeance on both the Shreveport vamps and Were. Before killing her, Pam also forces Hallow to reverse the spell on Eric, restoring him to his normal state of mind.
Claude Crane

True Blood

Portrayed by Neil Hopkins, first appearing in S4 E1, entitled "She's Not There", Claude is the brother of Claudine. As of S5 E3 "Whatever I Am, You Made Me" Cluade is portrayed by Giles Matthey. He is described as in his early 20s, very attractive (with and without a shirt), omni-sexual, mysterious, speaks with a British accent, and catches Jessica’s attention and curiosity.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in the short story Fairy Dust as Claudine & Claudette's twin brother therefore also a fairy. He is described to have hair slightly shorter than Claudine's, with broader shoulders, and no trace of a beard. To Sookie, he looked like a Calvin Klein model. DAAD: Absolutely breath taking, 6 ft, with rippling black hair, 6 pk muscles, pair of brown velour soft eyes, a chisled jaw, and a sensuous mouth with a pouty bottom lip. He had his ears surgically altered so they weren't pointed anymore. ATD: Described as utterly selfish with no social skills, and absolutely beautiful.

FD: Claude was an exotic dancer along with Claudette at Hooligans. He and Jeff Puckett, the bouncer, had a fling until Claudette made him break up with Jeff, saying he can do better. Claude almost slips and says he loves Jeff, but corrects himself only admitting he is very fond of him.

Rita, owner of Hooligan's, had it bad for Claude. Claude was a draw at Hooligan's because even on an off night he could ingender some magic to make the crowd span big. Claudette hadn't been so willing to use her power for Rita's profit, Claude didn't think about it twice; it was an ego thing for him.
After more questioning, Sookie determines that Rita killed Claudette using a lemon laced money pouch. Claude tricks her into signing over the club to he and Claudine in exchange for murdering their sister. When Rita thinks she's in the clear, they inform her that she better start running. She owed them money and a hunt and now that they had the money and the means to make it, they needed the hunt. They bargain if Rita can dodge them for a year, she can live and give her a four hour handicap, just for fun.
Portia Bellefleur
True Blood

Portrayed by Cortney Ford, Portia, first appearing in S4 E1 entitled,"She's Not There", is the sister to Andy & granddaughter to Caroline Bellefleur.
She’s described as easy on the eyes and sharp in the courtroom.

Terry explains in S1 E10 entitled "I Don't Wanna Know" that Portia was a debutante when she turned 18 yrs old. He goes on to say that every Bellefleur woman has been going to debutante balls every since they started having them before the Revolutionary War.

Described to be a lawyer by profession, just past 30 years old and easy on the eyes. Has a very strong sense of pride in her family heritage.

Takes over the law firm for Sid Matt Lancaster. She has business dealings with Bill Compton, which develop into a sexual relationship. Bill breaks the relationship off when he discovers that Portia is one of his descendants, which he considers incestuous. Portia was far more reluctant to end the relationship, so Bill glamours her into being afraid of him.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Mentioned in Dead Until Dark as being medium height, blocky build, with a determined mouth and jaw. The resemblance between brother and sister favored Andy, not Portia. She is truly introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, described as being squarely built as her brother, Andy, has long, thick, chestnut hair she kept beautifully tended. Intelligent, educated, from a good family, and fiercely loyal to her brother. A lawyer by profession and not especially fond of vampires.

DUD: Andy and his sister, Portia, had lunch together at least once every other week. She was a very competent lawyer Sookie heard. She would have sugessted her to Jason if she had not been female. In high school, Portia would have sold her soul for a date with Jason. Educated & made good money, but never had a date. Sookie graduated one class behind Portia.

LDID: When Andy becomes drunk in Merlotte's, Sookie calls Portia to come pick Andy up. Bill makes her uneasy. Initially she refuses Bill's help to get Andy to her car, but eventually gives in when Sam is unavailable. She tells Any that she'll pick him up from work at noon, they'll eat lunch at the bar, then he can retrieve his car. Following Bill & Sookie's split, Portia bravely pursues dating Bill in order to find out any information that can clear her brother as Lafayette's killer. Because the murder is thought to be connected with some kind of sex parties, her thought is that dating a vampire will gain the attention of those holding the parties, so she will be invited and can find out more. Bill, though no fan of the Bellefleurs, finds something noble in her and plays along, but it is Sookie who gets the invitation and clears Andy's name.

The Bellefleur siblings lived in a decaying, large, white, two story antebellum formerly quite a showplace on the prettiest street in the nicest area of Bon Temps- on Magnolia Creek Rd. Belle Rive was too much for Portia & Andy to maintain since the money to support such a home and its grounds was long since gone. But their grandmother, Caroline, stubbornly refused to sell.

DAAD: Portia's bravery comes through again as she scrambles to help Sookie when she is shot in the library parking lot, crouching beside Sookie as she phones for help.

DD: Portia happily plans a double wedding when her boyfriend, Glen Vick proposes around the same time Andy proposes to Halleigh Robinson.

ATD: The wedding plans change as her grandmother becomes ill, but Portia is determined to have her wedding while her grandmother is alive to attend.

FDTW: Portia & Glen and Andy & Halliegh get married.

DITF: When Bill delivers the family Bible to a dying Caroline and his connection to the Bellefleurs is revealed, Portia, though nonplussed, strives to behave with the graciousness of her grandmother and, at his request, arranges to have Caroline's funeral at night so that Bill can attend. Soon after that, she and Glen are excited to find out that Portia is pregnant.

Caroline Bellefleur

True Blood

Portrayed by Katherine Helmand, first appearing in S4 E4, entitled "I'm Alive and on Fire", Caroline is in her 70s, Caucasian, formidable, refined, and beautifully dressed widow. She’s Portia and Andy’s grandmother and matriarch of Bon Temps, dislikes vampires, but “warms to Bill’s charm”.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Living Dead in Dallas, Caroline Holliday Bellefleur is described as

After the deaths of her son and his wife, Caroline raised her two grand children Andrew and Portia. Beset by shrinking finances, the Bellefleur family home , Belle Rive, has fallen in disrepair, and Caroline is extremely pleased by a legacy from an unknown relative somewhere in Europe allows her to restore Belle Rive to its former glory.

DITF: When she finally discovers, on her deathbed, that Bill Compton is her great-grandfather and arranges the bequest, she reacts with humor, grace, and gratitude.
Her last bequest is to leave the recipe of her famous chocolate cake to the town so the legacy of Caroline Holliday Bellefluer, once one of Renard Parish's finest cooks, lives on in the kitchens and dining rooms of Bon Temps.

Nora Alexei Romanov
True Blood

Portrayed by Lara Pulver, first appearing in S5 E1 entitled "", Nora is an ancient vampire who was sired by Godric, making her Eric Northman’s “sister”. Nora is a double-agent within the Vampire Authority. She is described as intelligent and cool under pressure. She loves Eric deeply, but has dedicated herself to a higher purpose.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead in the Family, the character is the vampire incarnation of the historical prince Alexei Nikolaevich, the last Tsarevich of Russia. He was made vampire by Appius Livius Ocella, thus making him Eric Northman's vampire “brother”. He was spoiled while alive due to his hemophilia and his royal position, and was psychologically scarred by the massacre of his entire family in front of him. After Ocella made him a vampire, he was obligated to become Ocella's lover. This combination of stresses made Alexei mentally unstable and uncontrollable even decades after becoming a vampire. Before his death, he bonds with Jason because he says Jason reminds him of one of his attendants when he was alive, a man who was kind to him.
Rocky & Wade Cleary Cody Cleary
True Blood

Portrayed by Aaron Christian Howles & Noah Matthews, first appearing in S5 E1 "Turn! Turn! Turn!", Wade & Rocky are Holly's teenaged sons. They return home from a hunting trip with their father when they find their mother Holly in bed with Andy Bellefleur.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Definitely Dead, Cody is the young son of Holly Cleary and her ex-husband, David.
Salome Agrippa
True Blood

Portrayed by Valentina Cervi, first appearing in S5 E2 entitled "", Salome is described as an ancient vampire who’s also a skilled seductress and possibly crazy. She’s incredibly powerful, but able to hide that when it suits her. The character has dark hair and dark features and is “exotic looking”. A Chancellor of the Authority, in S5 E she is revealed to be Salome from the New Testament, famed for her dance of the seven veils which, according to legend, impressed her uncle, King Herrod, so much that he offered to give her anything in the world she desired. After consulting her mother, she requested the head of John the Baptist, who publicly condemned Salome's mother's remarriage to her former husband's brother as invalid. Roughly 2,100 years later, Salome tells Bill Compton a different version of the story; her mother used her new husband's "fondness for teenage virgins" as a political tool to eliminate her adversary, and the so-called dance was rather the delivery of Salome to the King's bed, resulting in rape. Salome cites the humans of her youth as "far more savage than any vampires [she] has known." She was lovers with Roman Zimojic, who uses her as his secret weapon: to seduce Bill Compton and Eric Northman. She has claimed to have been lifelong friends with Nora Gainesborough, who is revealed to be involved with the Sanguinistas, who believe Lilith will rise and everyone against her will pay. Salome's true alliance remained with the Sanguinistas, as she's the one who freed Russell Edgington, lied about injecting him with silver, and tampered with his iStake, resulting in his escape, and the murder of Roman Zimojic. After Roman's death she became the new Guardian. In the season 5 finale, after the remaining Chancellors are pitted against each other by Lilith through visions in which she tells each of them that only one can lead them, Salome, believing herself to be the true chosen one, as she is the strongest and most devout believer in Lilith, drinks the vial believed to be filled with Lilith's blood so that she can carry out her will, which she refers to as "The Rapture," but her blood was replaced by Bill's with his own and mixed with silver. Soon after, as Salome lay dying, she accepts her fate, and says to Bill, "Lilith chose wisely." Bill stakes her and consumes the blood himself, appearing to die and be reborn, thus fulfilling Salome's prophecy.
Southern Vampire Mysteries

First and only mentioned in Dead as a Doornail, Salome is Mickey's sire. She runs the Seven Veils Casino in Baton Rouge, LA.
Barbara Pelt

True Blood

Portrayed by , first appearing in S5 E3 entitled "Whatever I Am, You Made Me", Barbara is in her 50s, Debbie's mother who is anxiously searching for her missing daughter. She and her husband, Gordon, confront Alcide.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

First mentioned in Dead as a Doornail, Barbara Pelt is the adoptive mother of Debbie and Sandra. Her and her husband, Gordon, indulge their daughter Sandra's determination to find the truth of her werefox sister's disappearance, first hiring detectives to search for clues.

FDTW: Debbie's parents died in a bad car accident hit broadside by a tractor trailer.

Gordon Pelt

True Blood

Portrayed by , first appearing in S5 E3 entitled "Whatever I Am, You Made Me", Gordon is in his 50s, a kindly, well-dressed man. He is Debbie’s father who is anxiously searching for his missing daughter. He doesn’t appreciate Alcide speaking ill of Debbie.

Southern Vampire Mysteries

Introduced in Dead as a Doornail, Gordon Pelt is Debbie and Sandra's adoptive father. Gordon and his wife, Barbara, use private detectives to search for clues into Debbie's disappearance, at Sandra's insistence. They also arrange for Tanya Grissom, Debbie's cousin by birth, to spy on Sookie in Bon Temps.

DD: The Pelts hire a Were to take care of the problem when Sandra violates the rules of the Mississippi pack, biting and turning two young men to send after Sookie. The Pelts all work together to have Sookie kidnapped in New Orleans, but the plan backfires when Sookie and Quinn escape.

FDTW: Debbie's parents died in a bad car accident hit broadside by a tractor trailer.
Michelle Stackhouse
True Blood Southern Vampire Mysteries
Corbett Stackhouse
True Blood Southern Vampire Mysteries
Claudette Crane
True Blood

Portrayed by Camilla Luddington, first appearing in S5 E6 entitled ""
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Claudette is the late triplet sibling of Claude and Claudine who was murdered in the short story Fairy Dust. She was a Sky fairy and was the oldest of the three triplets by several minutes. Claude & Claudette were exotic dancers at Hooligans.

Claude & Claudine explain to Sookie that they are certain that Claudette is dead because she came to them in spirit form and told them. That is the death ritual for their race; like a final farewell. No body is left since they fade. When fairies fade they leave behind fairy dust (glittery stuff as described by Jeff Puckett). Claudette and Barry the barber had been having sex for a while until one day Claudette up and ended it. She told him, in so many words, that he was inadequate.

Rita, owner of Hooligan's, hated Claudette because she was going to leave to go to another strip club and Claude was going to go with her.
Claudette wasn't so willing to use her power for Rita's profit as her brother Claude who didn't think about it twice. After more questioning, Sookie determines that Rita killed Claudette using a lemon laced money pouch. Claude explains that Claudette was especially susceptible to the smell; even the the lemon scent would make her vomit. She had a terrible time on wash day until they found out the fabric sheets were lemon scented.
Sweetie Des Arts
True Blood

Portrayed by Jennifer Hasty, Sweetie, first appearing in S5 E7 "In the Beginning", is a30ish large woman who’s having a noontime romance with an older married man.
Southern Vampire Mysteries
Jackson Herveaux
True Blood

Portrayed by Robert Patrick, Jackson, first appearing in S5 E8 "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", is described as “a giant of a man, powerful and inspiring and heroic” when we see him in the 1980s, but in present day he’s a sad man in his 50s who’s given up on life.
Southern Vampire Mysteries



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