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Eric Northman
... as portrayed by Alexander Skarsgard

Age: over 1000 years old
Occupation: Sheriff of Area 5, owner of Fangtasia
Home Origin: Scandinavia
Resides in: Shreveport, LA
Species: Vampire
Supernatural charm(s):
  • Can fly!
  • He loves a good fight and is very strong
  • Mysterious and powerful
  • Incredibly sexy and magnetic
  • Incredible kisser and attentive lover
Personality type: Commanding, aloof, powerful, loyal

Eric is a strategist, always looking for those who would interfere or cement his own agenda (like Sookie and her abilities). He forgets nothing. He has seen all of life, and he has chosen to stay true to his own rules.
Since Eric has observed human nature over the centuries, he knows humans very well and has learned how to survive by playing off the weaknesses of others.

He expects to be obeyed when he gives orders. He sees everything as black and white, and he is slow to give his loyalty, but once given, he will stand up to his obligations.

Eric also has a softer side, one that loves deeply when committed, as shown by his centuries old friendship with his maker, Godric. Eric also has a sense of humor.

Endearing trait(s):
  • his sense of humor (rare in vampires)
  • loyalty
  • protectiveness
  • persistence
Loyalty is something Eric values. Those who pledge their allegiance to him are held bound to his moral code. Loves a good fight and enjoys the spoils. He has a love for life and did not want it to end from a battle wound. His singular curiosity about Sookie is also endearing to fans of the Eric character. His love for and vanity over his hair is another endearing quality. Eric asks Lafayette, "Is there blood in my hair?"
Strength(s): Incredibly strong, a master of business strategy and sense, a manipulator of mere humans, and a savvy reader of the true nature of mortals and supes (supernaturals). He is a seasoned vampire, and a superior Viking warrior; it is part of what makes him such a whirlwind force. He has a driving, persuasive personality.
  • His own love of being in control.
  • Lack of self-control - As Pam would say, "If he controlled himself better, he would make a great king."
  • a cute, blonde, telepathic waitress
Eric Northman
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Eric's signature look: Jeans & t-shirts or tank tops, but can also be seen in designer suits. He has no problem showing nudity.

True Blood's portrayal of Viking Eric's clothing is historically inaccurate. Coming strait from battle, Eric would have been wearing an iron helmet and chain mail to protect himself from injury. The chain mail he was wearing should have protected his torso, but it appeared from the clip that he had a wound in that area. He could have sustained a blow to his ribs, which in turn punctured his lung. Mostly his arms, legs, and neck would have been vulnerable to attack. Vikings also wore cloth trousers, though the bare legs portrayal, from the flashback to Eric being turned, added to the hotness factor.

In his human life, Eric would have worn a "
long woolen shirt and long cloth trousers which were held up by a sash or a drawstring. On top of this was worn a sleeved jerkin or a three-quarter coat with a belt. On his feet, he would wear socks and soft leather shoes or long leather boots. Viking women made cloth and spun wool for clothes worn by their families. To keep warm in the cold months, Eric would have worn a fur cloak."--source

Something to consider: Given Eric's love for battle he most likely would have been a Viking 'berserker' and as such would not have been wearing chain mail. Berserkers were known for thinking themselves invincible and protected by their Gods and oftentimes would dive into battle with little more than a sword and shield.

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Character backstory: Born in 1046, made Vampire in 1077. As a teenager in ninth century Scandinavia, Eric joined with a rogue band of warriors who refused to swear allegiance to any kingdom because, in his own words, "My destiny is to answer to no man."

Eric SmirkingEric quickly became the leader of the group, which was briefly infamous for marauding on what is now Germany and Poland, until they mysteriously vanished after a battle in 1077. Eric did not speak about how he was made Vampire, or who made him, but has recently revealed that Godric is his Maker.

Eric is of Norse "Viking" descent. He made Pam, and she has been his friend & coworker numerous times over the years. He owns the tourist-y, gothic vampire club called Fangtasia in Shreveport, LA.

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Why We Adore Alexander Skarsgard

Alex Nov 2008

Alexander Skarsgård
  • "I play a lot with the thought of a guy who's seen everything. He's been around for 1,000 years, so he's seen everything, and he doesn't waste his time. He doesn't play any games. He's very straight-forward. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it, basically. So, I just try to have fun with that directness to him. He's very grounded and very confident, and he knows what he wants, all the time, and he doesn't waste his time. Falling in love with humans, and all that kind of stuff -- some of the other vampires do that -- is just a waste of time to him."--interview with

  • Alexander Skarsgård
    "He wears sleek European suits and expensive shirts. I have a long, blonde wig, and I'm obviously pale. And he loves to be the center of attention. He's got his nightclub, and he roams around there like a king.--interview with
Why/how he was chosen for the role?: He originally auditioned for Bill's character. Was turned down for the role but was asked by Alan Ball to consider the role of Eric Northman. Wise more on Ball's part.

Similarities to Eric Northman: Tall, striking features, Nordic/Swedish descent, can be stubborn

Name: Pam Species: Vampire
Relationship: Child
Occupation: VP of Fangtasia, Eric's personal assistant
godric the vampire maker
Name: Godric Species: Vampire
Relationship: Eric's Maker
Occupation: Sheriff of Area 9 in Dallas
Dawn Green
Name: Dawn Greene Species: Human
Relationship: Fangbang (She describes her vampire lover has having a lot of hair and being incredible in bed. Eric admits to Sookie in Ep. 104 that he has "tasted her.")
Occupation: Waitress at Merlotte's (now deceased)
Sookie Stackhouse as played by Anna Paquin in HBO's True Blood
Name: Sookie Stackhouse Species: Human/Telepath. She has Fae blood in her. Her GreatGrandfather is a Fae Prince
Relationship: Lovers, Blood Bond, & Sort of Dating..., "Married"
Occupation: Waitress at Merlotte's
Bill Compton
Name: Bill Compton Species: Vampire
Relationship: Friend & Employee
Occupation: Area 5 Private Investigator
Chow at Bill's Tribunal
Name: Chow Species: Vampire
Relationship: Employee
Occupation: Eric's Partner in Fangtasia
True Blood Character Profile: Place image here
Name: Marnie Stonebrook Species: human, witch
Relationship: Eric threatened her personally (bit her)
Occupation: Coven Head
Hey, I know you...
Name: Royce Alan Williams
Species: Human
Relationship: Prisoner/Suspect of murdering Diane, Malcolm and Liam
Deceased, took silver to Eric and tried to escape


Season 1:

  • "If you have anything to ask, you should ask it of me."
  • "So, Bill... are you quite... attached to your friend?"
  • Eric's response to Bill declaring that Sookie was his: " What a pity, for me."
  • "Humans... really, Bill, I don't know what you see in them."
  • To Bill: "How do you stomach that stuff? Don't you find it metallic and vile?"
  • "If you're their poster boy, then the mainstreaming movement is in very big trouble. True Blood. It will keep to alive, but it will bore you to death."
  • Eric's answer to Bill's comment about him behaving himself at Merlotte's was "Don't I always?"
  • To Bill: "Man up, my friend. Newborns can be like this."
  • "There are favors and then there are... favors."
  • "Honestly, Bill, did you think you could keep her to yourself?"
  • "You've got to be tough with them, or they WILL walk all over you."
Season 2:

  • To Lafayette after dismembering Royce: "Is there blood in my hair?"
  • To Lafayette: "Your associate, this... p***y lover. Has he or she mentioned any new product coming on the market?"
  • Eric's comment to Lafayette when Lafayette was drinking too much blood: "Don't get greedy."
  • To Lafayette: "You're gonna have to come out sometime."
  • To Bill referring to Godric: "If someone such as he can be taken, then none of us are safe."
  • To Bill, when Sookie stands up to him: "Your human is getting cocky."
  • After intimidating Jason: "Good boy. Now run along." *grin*
  • To Sookie: "Don't use words you don't understand."
  • To Sookie: "Don't use words I don't understand."
  • To Sookie: "Trust me."
  • To Bill (with a swagger and a smirk): "Are you trying to pick a fight?"
  • To Sookie: "No time. Suck... suck it out. I'm... dying." *feigns passing out*
  • To Bill after Sookie sucked out the silver (smugly): "She was superb."
  • To Bill after Sookie yells at him and pounds her fist into his stomach: " Bill, you're right. I do believe I can sense her emotions!"
  • To Bill: "It's done. She's part of me now. Get out of the way."
  • To Lafayette: "You know how you feel with my blood inside you? Well, being a vampire is like that... times a million."
  • To Sam with lazy disdain: "Why should I help you... Shifter?"
  • To Pam referring to Arlene's kids: "Oh, come on, Pam. They're funny. They're like humans but miniature." *squirreling his face up* "Teacup humans."
  • "Good night, tiny humans." *wink*
  • To Bill: "Oh Billy. This paranoia is really quite unbecoming. Has she uh... mentioned me?"
  • Eric and Sookie : "You surprise me. That is a rare quality in humans." "You disgust me." "Perhaps I'll grow on you." "I'd prefer cancer."
  • To Arlene's daugher: "Don't you like vampires, little girl?"
  • To Pam: "And Pam, those were great pumps."
  • To Godric: "You taught me there was no right or wrong, only survival or death."
  • To Godric: "I won't let you die alone."
Season 3:

Season 4:
Ep 401
  • To Sookie: "Oh I knew you weren't dead. I never lost hope."
  • To Sookie: "Apparently, I have to go, but know this, everyone who claims to love you, your friends, your brother even Bill Compton... they all gave up on you. I never did."
  • To video camera: "Who would you rather trust? A vampire or a politician."
  • To video camera: "We're always more than happy to serve you here at Fangtasia, and I don't mean for dinner."
  • To Sookie: "Such a strange sensation when the reality matches what you pictured in your mind so precisely."
  • To Sookie: "You don't own the house anymore. I do. I always knew you were alive, and if I owned the house, I would own you. Sookie, you... are... mine."
  • To Sookie: "That was saucy of you. Must be fairy Sookie talking. I like when she comes out."
Ep 402
  • To witches coven: "Excuse me. You all looking for a dead body?"
  • To witches coven: "There is no behind my back. I AM EVERYWHERE!"
Ep 403
  • To Sookie: "I know I'm a vampire, Snookie.
  • To Sookie: "I just don't know who I am."
  • To Sookie: "You are so beautiful."
Ep 404
  • To Sookie: "Drink you."
  • To Sookie: "I would never harm you."
  • To Sookie: "Beautiful butt."
  • To Sookie: "Catch me."
  • "Sookie! Where you been? Come. Come, play with me. It's wonderful here."
  • To Sookie: "I am Ægir, god of the sea and you are Rán my sea goddess."
  • To Sookie: "Leave the sun to the water? Nope. I'll just kill all the sea monsters. Gators. Krokodiler. Show yourselves! Cowards!"
  • To Sookie: "Stay with me. Please."
  • To Sookie: "I'll never swim in the sun again. Feel the heat on my skin. Never see the daylight in your hair."
  • To Sookie: "If you kiss me, I promise to be happy."
Ep 405


Season 1:

  • Eric's first encounter with Sookie, Episode 104
  • Eric agrees to let a female tourist take his picture. Then afterwards, Long Shadow crushes her camera phone, Eric tells her he did not say she could keep it. Episode 107
  • When Eric made himself at home, having a leisurely soak in Bill's bathtub, Episode 108
  • In Merlotte's when he moves vampire fast over to one of the rednecks who torched Liam, Malcolm and Diane, and asks, "what happened to your arm, huh? Bro."
  • The last scene of "Nothing But the Blood" when he comes down the stairs whistling with a hairdresser's cape on and foil in his hair just before he turns deadly.
  • --
Season 2:

  • Eric giving Lafayette his blood. The arm porn scene.
  • Watching Lafayette hump his furniture, after Eric healed him with his blood.
  • Eric getting pissy with the Dallas vamps.
  • When Eric and Isabel are outside the Fellowship talking.
  • The scene where Godric turns a morally wounded Eric.
  • When Eric asks Lafayette, "Is there blood in my hair?"
  • The scene where Eric attempts to rescue Sookie and their conversation before he tries to trick the guards into letting them pass.
  • The scene where Eric grabs Bill by the arm at Godric's home, and they have a bit of a stand off. "Are you picking a fight?"
  • The two dream sequences with Sookie.
  • The scene where Eric interrupts Bill and Sookie's discussion and the looks exchanged by all during this moment. "Mmmmmm... I heard my name. I hope you were speaking well of me."
  • Eric and Dr. Ludwig's interaction.
  • Eric and Pam's interchange over the pumps.
  • Eric with fangs down practically panting over the site of the open wound on Sookie's back and then zooming over to Bill and suggesting that he should be the one to heal her as his blood was older and would heal her faster.
  • Eric and Pam's interchange over the teacup humans.
  • Eric showing off that he could fly in front of the tiny humans and Sam.
  • Eric and Bill's exchange outside the Queen's home.
  • Eric and Godric's final scene together.
  • Eric and Bill's conversation in the hotel bar in Dallas.
  • Eric's conversation with Lorena after feeding on the woman in the hotel bar.
  • When Eric, Sookie, and Bill are discussing the trip to Dallas in Eric's office.
  • --
Season 3:

Season 4:


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